Stop towing the party line and lets talk

Atticus is the author of the progressive-right political and lifestyle blog BlogTruth. His experience spans almost a decade providing business and consulting services to firms across the globe. Stop by his blog and say hello. *It should be noted that the ideas in this commentary do not necessarily … [Read more...]

If you like your doctor and health insurance, you can keep it…maybe not

_______________________________________________________________________ And from the White House's official Youtube channel: _______________________________________________________________________ Below is a screen capture from the White House's "Reality Check" website which again assures … [Read more...]

Feel good story of the day: Children’s hospital makes a video for Katy Perry’s ROAR

I have to admit, I got some dirt in my eye watching this.  Just thinking about it makes my allergies act up. [Hat Tip to Kim] … [Read more...]

Climate activism, not climate change, is dangerous

Then Senator John Kerry was preaching the apocalyptic dangers of 'climate change' a mere 4 years ago. He claimed there would be no Arctic ice at the pole this past summer.  He was wrong.  Like so many climate activists he assured us that the climate was changing at dangerous rates and needs … [Read more...]

No more participation trophies

Wow, one Texas youth football league has decided to take a step in the sane direction for a change. (ABC) -- The Keller Youth Association Football Program in northern Texas will not be handing participation trophies to their players this year. They say it’s because awards should be … [Read more...]

If you think pink is a ‘girl color’ you hate gay people…or something

At least that's what this graphic floating around the internet suggests. If I was the doctor I'd have asked why the little boy wanted a pink cast, and I wouldn't have turned red or felt bad about asking.  I'm not fully convinced this is based on a true story in the first place.  But even if … [Read more...]

On the lighter side: Inappropriate Halloween costumes?

Last night was was contemplating a Halloween costume for a party I was supposed to attend. My wife suggested and went as a "homeless person" complete with a cardboard sign reading "will work for candy". At first blush it seemed wrong to make light of homelessness by using it as a costume. Don't … [Read more...]

Gay waiter gets the shaft at local restaurant

Pardon my juvenile attempt at an inappropriate pun.  Apparently a waiter who looked sufficiently gay was allegedly short-changed by some customers because of his apparent sexual preference. (WFSB) -- A 20-year-old waiter provided exemplary service at an Overland Park Italian restaurant, but his … [Read more...]

Parental notification for abortion

Where ever you find yourself on the abortion debate, I would think that requiring parental notification for elective abortion should be a bipartisan stance.  Opponents of the requirement often cite assaults or even murders of teen girls who confessed to their parents that they are pregnant, which is … [Read more...]

Jesus…how unoriginal

After being at this for a while, nothing surprises me anymore.  It's almost to the point where I don't even expect critics of the Christian message to do their due diligence and investigate whether what they read on Atheist's blogs is even accurate.  Here's the next example. Horus Born of a … [Read more...]

Record low extreme weather in 2013 despite record high CO2

The CO2 levels in the Earth's atmosphere hit record high this year averaging at 400 ppm (parts per million).  Climate change activists -- formerly known as global warming activists until the Earth stopped warming -- have been claiming that with the rise of CO2 comes the rise of extreme weather … [Read more...]

Eye witness testimony and hearsay

The Gospel accounts record the period of Jesus life where he allegedly performed miracles, was put to death, buried, and raised from the dead.  One reason skeptics deny the reliability of the accounts is they were not penned by actual eye-witnesses, but instead are hearsay accounts.  Putting aside … [Read more...]

Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Abortion

When I discuss abortion and reference the pro-choice side of the issue, I use the term abortion defender.  It doesn't (shouldn't) come across as confrontational, poisonous, and accurate.  I understand defenders of the right to elective abortion tend to prefer the term pro-choice.  Many of those who … [Read more...]

Why Christians accuse Atheists of not having read the Bible explained in one internet meme

Anyone who has read a Bible would know that it's not Satan who punishes evildoers (in Hell presumably).  The point isn't that the Bible is right or wrong about anything, only that it doesn't say what is being implied it says. I realize it is a popular cultural misconception that Satan is in charge … [Read more...]

Credible sources

Anyone who takes their religion and politics seriously has their list of 'go-to' sources.  Whether they be certain authors, blogs, journals, or books, we all have them.   We need them.What is it that makes your particular sources credible?  How do you know the source is credible?It's important to … [Read more...]

Balking at the opportunity to put us in our place

One of the difficulties in discussion all things religion with Atheists is their unwillingness to defend any criticism they have about the existence of God. By and large they feel they have no obligation of defend the claims they make as though they can simply hurl criticism.  This mentality of … [Read more...]

If abortion isn’t about what is in the womb, then…

Most arguments defending a mother's right to an an elective abortion rarely center around what it is that's being aborted.  It's not frivolous as to why either.  If the discussion takes a turn toward science or biology, they would be forced to admit abortion takes the life of an innocent human … [Read more...]

Obamacare is the law of the land

But so is Roe v Wade and DOMA.  And so was Dred Scott. And separate but equal and every other Jim Crow law for that matter. Laws are enacted and repealed -- well not so much repealed anymore. But simply being the law of the land doesn't entitle it from alteration or repeal. I expect my … [Read more...]

Yet another example of how Common Core is bad for education

The parent - teacher conference for my youngest daughter (1st grade) was last night.  As most of you with school age children for whom there are still parent - teacher conferences know, the parents before you are always talking long past their time.  If you've never noticed this, you're those … [Read more...]

Having fun with a first grade teacher

I'm helping my daughter with her homework tonight and decided to have a little fun with her 1st grade teacher. Notice the answer to the Home Activity is given in parentheses.  Apparently, kids can't read fine print and parents are too dumb to figure out first grade math. … [Read more...]