Having fun with a first grade teacher

I’m helping my daughter with her homework tonight and decided to have a little fun with her 1st grade teacher.

fun with math

Notice the answer to the Home Activity is given in parentheses.  Apparently, kids can’t read fine print and parents are too dumb to figure out first grade math.


  1. That reminds me of someone I knew in high school who was forced to retake a remedial math test (while taking calculus himself at the time) because of a bureaucratic screw up. At one point it showed a number of clocks, and the question was “What time does this show?” above each. For every answer he wrote “analog time”. :-)

    • LOL! (not the fake straight faced ‘LOL’, I actually laughed) I used to do things like that when I was in high school. I hope to pass down my snark to my kids

  2. I once wrote a composition on the absurdity of banning all sharp objects from school. “Sharp pencils, sharp scissors… Sharp MINDS! Certainly, we would not ban these from a place of learning!”

    Or some smart alec crap like that.

  3. I once answered “No. I need a mirror” when asked if Uranus is visible to the naked eye. “However, it IS necessary for…”… It was then that the teacher stopped me.

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