Parental notification for abortion

Where ever you find yourself on the abortion debate, I would think that requiring parental notification for elective abortion should be a bipartisan stance.  Opponents of the requirement often cite assaults or even murders of teen girls who confessed to their parents that they are pregnant, which is an extreme rarity.

Is there any reason a parent shouldn’t know if their teenage daughter is sexually active (which is many times illegal at such an age requiring consent).  Perhaps she is helping to cover up a (statutory) rape for fear of retribution from her attacker.  Or maybe she is in a consensual sexual relationship with an inappropriately older man.

Good rule of thumb: If you’re OK with requiring a parent’s consent for any other medical procedure or administration of medication, it should be required for ending the life of their grandchild.

parental consent


  1. paynehollow says:

    I agree with you on this one. I think there should be exceptions allowed (in the case of concern of abuse), but clearly, parents should be part of such a big medical decision.


  2. paynehollow says:

    If there is reason to suspect abuse, that would be the exception that I can think of. Are you suggesting that IF a doctor suspects abuse – incest, for instance – then he should still notify the parents?

    Look, I’m agreeing with you on this one. I’m just saying we can reasonably have some exceptions if there is a legitimate concern.

    How would the medical staff know? Bruises, burns, cuts, physical damage. Additionally, if the young lady in question gives credible witness to the abuse (you know that kids rarely falsely testify to that, right?). Of course, if the young lady talks about abuse, then the doctor should start the process of getting her to a safe place, contacting CPS, etc.

    I’m saying I agree with you, but think exceptions should be allowed if there are legitimate concerns. I happen to think that those exceptions would be a small minority of the cases.


    • Dan

      People who oppose parental notification say some parents will abuse the girl because she is pregnant therefore 13 year olds shouldn’t have to have her parent’s consent.

      Its not just because there might be abuse in a home in general.

  3. paynehollow says:

    Again, I’m agreeing with you. I’m saying that there should be exceptions when there is actual support for a concern of abuse, but in general, I agree with you.

    A 13 year old SHOULD have her parents notified if she is pregnant, so the family can figure out the right medical path for their child. BUT, if there is evidence, for instance, that the child might be abused upon finding this out, then there should be some exceptions in place. IF there is no evidence of past harm/abuse, then a mere fear, “Well, finding out she is pregnant MIGHT cause a parent to abuse her…” – apart from any actual evidence is not credible “evidence.”

    Seems to me. Again, we agree, in principle.


  4. paynehollow says:

    I’m guessing that in households with zero past history of abuse of any sort, the discovery that their child is pregnant is not likely to induce it and there is probably a pretty insignificant evidential record to think that.


  5. paynehollow says:

    Again, evidence of past abuse is evidence. SOME credible witness from the child in question. But not just the general dread that a 13 year old would have in that circumstance. The child testifying, “My dad said he’d kill me if I got pregnant…” THAT would be evidence, if it was a serious statement. The child saying “My parents will hate me for this…” that is not evidence of potential abuse, just something a child might say.

    Seems to me.

  6. paynehollow says:

    You can’t take “yes” for an answer, can you?… dan

    • I dont see how that is credible evidence. It seems to me that since planned parenthood has been caught coaching underage girls to lie about their age they would just ask the question: do you feel youd be in harm if we contacted your parents? The no’s would be followed up with: are you suuure?

      How would an abortion clinic determine if the child is not being honest?

      Essentially if all you need is the child saying they might be abuse, that’s functionally the same as having no notification requirement.

  7. I literally got a call yesterday from the school nurse to get my permission to give 2 Advil to my 17 year 10 month old son. I almost laughed when the nurse asked.

    In the case of potential harm to the child if the parents are notified, there should be some mechanism that would involve an adult in the decision. There is absolutely ZERO instance where a child should be allowed to make this decision without some adult input.

    John, I do share your concern that an organization like PP which has a fairly clear record of actively hiding abuse, prostitution, and statutory rape is entirely likely to use this as an excuse to perform abortions. Unfortunately it just cuts into their bottom line.

  8. paynehollow says:

    WHAT isn’t credible evidence? Bruises, cuts, burns? Or the testimony of a child that her father had said he’d kill her if she got pregnant?

    Are you saying that it is your opinion that our daughters would routinely lie about their parents? Or are you saying that doctors would routinely encourage a child to be dishonest and make up an abuse charge?

    Research shows (going from memory, here) that children making up claims of abuse is an extreme rarity.

    This is part of your all’s problem. You aren’t willing to compromise and meet people in the middle.


    Essentially if all you need is the child saying they might be abuse, that’s functionally the same as having no notification requirement.

    That’s only true if you think all girls are liars. Might SOME girls make up a lie about this, in their guilt and embarrassment and fear? Sure, it’s possible, but statistically unlikely. But, at least in my circles, our daughters are not the type to make up abuse charges. I rather doubt they are in your circles, either.


    • Children making up abuse for no reason is rare, I agree. But the shame of being pregnant at 12-17 years old is a motivation to lie to an abortion clinic who wont tell anyone that she had an abortion. The reports of “my parents will kill me” arent reported to police, that is a reason they use to hide abortion.

  9. ” Are you suggesting that IF a doctor suspects abuse – incest, for instance – then he should still notify the parents?”

    The doctor should do what the law already requires: contact children’s services.

    At that point, parental notification is a moot point. The child need to be protected from abuse. An abortion at this point just adds another level of abuse.

  10. The argument that the parents might hurt the child are transparently stupid. Yes, they might her, but we have laws for that. And using the pro-abortion logic then the authorities and schools could never inform the parents of anything potentially negative: grades, disciplinary actions, crimes, etc.

  11. paynehollow says:

    I don’t think ANY concerns about child abuse are stupid. Every year in the US, hundreds of thousands of children are abused, often by the parental figures. It is a serious concern and not one to be lightly dismissed.

    Again, if you all could meet people in the middle, you’d find more to agree upon. If, on the other hand, you treat anyone who might disagree with you even slightly as having ideas that are “transparently stupid” or as if they’re trying to game the system, then they will be ever more likely to not want to meet you in the middle, either. You only hurt your own case on your own issue by being obtuse and combative.

    To the main point being made, I agree, children should not be forced into a situation of having to deal with a pregnancy without significant loving adult support, preferably from family members and close friends.


  12. Dan’s right. If a child is pregnant and in an abusive situation, kill that unborn with extreme prejudice, because it’s OK to abuse unborn children.

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