Balking at the opportunity to put us in our place

One of the difficulties in discussion all things religion with Atheists is their unwillingness to defend any criticism they have about the existence of God. By and large they feel they have no obligation of defend the claims they make as though they can simply hurl criticism.  This mentality of … [Read more...]

Purpose and evolution

Q: Why does the moon shine at night? A: To help people see better at night. If it's silliness to say the purpose of the moon is to help people see better at night, why isn't it also silliness for evolutionists to assign purpose to the biological structures of organisms?  If it's true that … [Read more...]

Two Questions For Atheists…

I wish to pose two questions to atheists. They are not trick questions and there is no ulterior motive. I am genuinely interested in your responses. First, let me state the obvious. Religion has had a greater affect on humanity than anything else. It has driven kings to conquer and nations to … [Read more...]