If you think pink is a ‘girl color’ you hate gay people…or something

At least that’s what this graphic floating around the internet suggests.

pink cast

If I was the doctor I’d have asked why the little boy wanted a pink cast, and I wouldn’t have turned red or felt bad about asking.  I’m not fully convinced this is based on a true story in the first place.  But even if it were, what does it have to do with homosexuality and equality?  In America pink is traditionally thought of as a ‘girl color’ and blue a ‘boy color’.  There is nothing wrong with this notion.  What is so offensive about this?  Nothing as far as I can see, unless one is trying to blur the gender differences between male and female.

But even if  it weren’t true that there were in fact boy and girl colors, why would believing there were mean you hate homosexuals?


  1. Oh please! GLAAD (Gays and Lesbians Allied Against Discussion) will use the “Pink is a girls color” at the drop of a hat when it suits their purposes and feeling shame for the hypocrisy is obviously beneath them. Here’s a story of a “Transgendered” toddler whose “Sexual identity” is based solely on the pink blanket he picked up as a 5 MONTH OLD. In a clean society the parents of this poor child would be prosecuted for the mental and emotional damage they are cruelly inflicting on this poor child just to advance their social agenda.

  2. I’m more curious about the implication that he’s gay because he wants to wear pink for breast cancer month.

  3. I completely agree, regardless of whether or not it’s a true story, it has absolutely nothing to do with gay rights. I don’t quite understand the reasoning behind using such a story to try and promote that agenda. Emotional anecdotal stories are quite often used by the gay lobby to gain sympathy amongst the general public, but in this case there isn’t even a connection.

  4. John,

    These psychos hate that men are stronger and more suited to jobs typically thought of as power roles, so blurring the genders lines is precisely their goal. Of course, there are some women more than capable of rivaling men in nearly any job, but over all, men are physically stronger and mentally.

    As you know, my wife and I own a photography business. I handle all the billing and scheduling because there is no way my wife is capable of running those aspects effectively and the reason is because she is far too nice. She will let customers take advantage of her whereas I will not, so I handle all the billing issues.

    And it’s a good thing! One couple wanted us to drive 2 hours to Detroit for no extra charge. They claimed that since they paid the scheduling fee that our time was covered. I calmly pointed out that our contract states we will not drive to any location outside 10 miles without additional compensation. They wouldn’t accept that. They became verbally abusive, so I told them we didn’t need their business and that they would not get their down payment money back because, as per the contract, it is non-refundable. So I kept their hundred and they got nothing. They called the police and I showed the police the contract and the cops basically told the couple, “Too Bad.”

    My wife wanted to forget the contract and drive to Detroit, which would have cost us $50 in gas, and an extra 2 hours of our time. She simply isn’t capable of standing up for herself. She hates confrontation.

  5. Floating on Tiptoes says:

    Don’t you know? Everything is about gay rights now. Every time we open our mouths it’s an opportunity for the gay lobby to cry discrimination. It’s just so ridiculously tiring. I think it’s normal for little boys to sometimes be attracted to girls toys/clothing and vice versa. It doesn’t make them transgendered or anything else. Pink is simply a really nice colour.

    When I was little my mother dressed my sister in blue (she has red hair), and me in red. I wanted to wear pink but as my mother loves red, and I have really dark hair, she loved dressing me in red. Now can I say that my blue wearing sister and I are both heterosexual and have never had any confusion about our sexuality. The drama that the gay lobby has created is absolutely ridiculous. I for one am over it and I will continue wearing pink because I’m female and I love it.

    • My youngest daughter looks especially beautiful in blue colors.

      I wouldnt pay special attention if I had a son who liked pink because its not that big of a deal to me. But it wouldn’t change the fact that in our culture pink is traditionally a girl’s color. It woild just mean he liked pink.

      Personally, I think pink dress shirts or ties look good on some men.

  6. This graphic isn’t suggesting you hate gay people if you think pink is a ‘girl’ color! Just because traditionally pink has been considered a ‘girl’ color & blue a ‘boy’ color, we as a society have allowed that. It’s called conditioning! It’s like suggesting that there are ‘bad’ words. It is the value we place on those words that make us think of them as being bad. We have also been conditioned to believe a color is only for a certain gender too.

    Just a thought, how many after reading this graphic believed the Doctor in the scenario was a ‘male’ and the nurse to be a ‘female’? It very well could have been the other way, but we all have been conditioned to believe a certain way!

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