pink cast


  1. I liked the boy’s answer. It is sweet that he should be aware of breast cancer month and want to show support by picking a pink cast for his arm.
    And I have to agree with his statement that there are no girl colours and boy colours. My father had many pink nuanced shirts, as did many of his colleagues, and there was never any gendered association with that.
    Perhaps the distinction was initiated by a need to distinguish between babies of different sex in hospital and then caught up on a larger scale. Historically, it is a relatively new development even for America. In some European countries the boy/girl distinction in hospitals is red and blue, rather than pink and blue.
    And, of course, more recently pink has become the colour of choice for the gay and lesbian community, although I think the rainbow is still dominant.

    • If there are no boy/girl colors it is only at the capitulation to gender activists. People give in to avoid being called sexist.

      However, whether there are or aren’t boy or girl colors, what about believing there is has anything to do with hating gay people?

  2. I’m not sure that an embracing of all colours for all means a capitulation to gender activists. After all, the segregation of colour according to gender is a relatively new development. I am sure that someone has done the research into this and written more cogently on the subject than I can do within the limits of a reply. It would be interesting to look into it and see how this started and what factors made it popular as a choice.
    Again, regarding connecting colour choice to sexism or egalitarianism… at times the connection is a rather tenuous one. In the above example, the choice of colour appears to be connected to support for breast cancer rather than to gender activism as such.
    And I agree with you that adhering to gendered colour norms doesn’t mean that one is homophobic. However, I struggle to see where the poster says that. There must be a broader context to this that I am unfamiliar with (?)

    • The believing in gender specific colors as being hateful toward the lgbt crowd is made explicit by the name of the group prominently displayed on the image, as well as the tags at the bottom.

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