Is our culture becoming more or less moral?

I think it's probably the norm for one generation to the next to believe the culture is in a state of moral decline. Of course this all depends on your worldview's standard of ethic. Depending on what you view as morally good and morally bad will shape how you view the moral direction of the culture … [Read more...]

It’s official: Democrats and Liberals are Socialists at heart

For all the protest from Liberals and Democrats that they do not favor socialism, the fine folks at Gallup find otherwise.  The results from the latest survey find that the majority of  Liberals and Democrats have a favorable view of socialism. Because socialism has worked so well everywhere … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck treats Obama like Jesus, Liberals outraged

Of course Liberals and Democrats have been fawning over the President as though he were some kind of Messiah.  Comedian Jamie Foxx even introduced him as "our lord and savior."  Add that to the painting depicting President Obama in like fashion as the crucified Jesus of Nazareth.  While it's … [Read more...]

The woman who objected to being likened to a prostitute, Sandra Fluke, sells herself to highest bidder

Contraception activist Sandra Fluke is having her "services" auctioned off .  The highest bidder will win a "strategy session" with Fluke to harness the tools of activism to help promote whatever agenda you need.  Fluke is captalizing  on her recent "person of the year" nomination by Time magazine … [Read more...]

Local atheist outraged over religion in schools

I don't know if there's something in the water or what.  But Atheists, who claim the intellectual high-ground mind you, can't seem to keep a level head when even the semblance of religion squeaks its way into public schools.  Whether it's a graduation being held in a church hall, or cheerleaders who … [Read more...]

What do businesses owe you?

The proposed Wal-Mart workers strike turned out to be a flop, with a minimal number of employees actually participating.  I think this failure is actually a good thing.  For one, it reassures me that the workers understand that in this economy, walking off a job isn't smart.  But secondly, I think … [Read more...]

Why dialogue with activists is impossible: Disagreement = hate You see, nothing I've written suggests that I believe homosexuals are not human; and it's not just my opinion that suggests same-sex sexual relationships are unhealthy physically and mentally: research and statistics bear this out. … [Read more...]

Is your value tied to others?

A friend of mine who authors Economics For Morons posed this scenario: Your boss hands out Christmas bonuses. You take yours home and are ecstatic when you realize you've received $10,000. This is more than you've ever received. You contemplate all the things you have needed and are now able to … [Read more...]

Contrived offense

Whenever I read about Atheists who are offended and repulsed by religious speech and imagery I feel compelled to point out how intolerant and prejudiced that really is.  In any other setting, directed at any other demographic, the person offended and repulsed would be called out for their asininity. … [Read more...]

Atheists seem to be growing more pathetic

It never ceases to amaze me at the things which seem to offend Atheists.  Any mention of God, Christianity, or religion seem to set them all aflutter.  The newest target is Charlie Brown.  Yes, you heard correctly: Charlie Brown. (The Daily Caller) -- Charlie Brown’s Christmas is on the outs at an … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Let's play a guessing game.  The first person who can correctly guess who each of the people in this short clip voted for gets a thumbs up! But seriously, I think it's safe to assume they voted Democrat.  In fact in my lifetime (no exaggeration) I have never heard a conservative denigrate our … [Read more...]

Obamacare rules released, did you notice?

Obamacare has been unpopular since its inception despite the administration's best efforts to muddle and cloud the issue through vagueness. Thankfully, the administration has released new health care guidelines outlined in Obamacare. Anyone familiar with politics and politicians, when they want to … [Read more...]

Pro-choice hypocrisy: Halappanavar vs. Reaves

Every senseless death is a tragedy.  This being said, depending on one's perspective, rationale can be offered as to why one death is more tragic than another. Recent headlines mourn the unfortunate death of Savita Halappanavar, a 31 year-old woman who died apparently because she was denied an … [Read more...]

A culture of disrespect

Let's all play a guessing game.  The first person to correctly guess which political party this woman, identified as Lindsey Stone, is affiliated with, wins a thumbs up!  But seriously, do we need more than one guess even given our two party system? … [Read more...]

Christianity is not a conglomerate

I have noticed with regularity that Christianity is burdened with the negatives displayed by other religious faith systems on the part of skeptics.  I don't think this is my personal bias talking either.  It seems like I am regularly saddled with the task of having to set the record straight. It … [Read more...]

Should we seek diversity?

How do you feel about diversity?  Is it a good thing?  Should it be a goal?  I ask these questions because it seems like diversity, which is often times left open as a definition and left even more vague when it is actively sought.  The idea of multiple racial, ethnic, gender, and social statuses … [Read more...]

Liberal diversity plans

___________________________________ OK, so without doing any research I will presume this video is a parody.  However, it does a great job of summarizing the problem with the left's obsession with race and how their visions of social engineering are utter failures.  So joke or not, it's spot … [Read more...]

Get to work: Retail workers threaten walk-outs in response to Black Friday

Workers at retail stores such as Wal-Mart are planning a walk-out in protest of being required to work on Thanksgiving.  On one hand I can sympathize with the workers who, by and large, want to spend time with their families like everyone else.  Their claim is that people shouldn't be kept from … [Read more...]

Why liberals will never be pro-life, Part 2

Not long ago I offered why I believe liberals will never be pro-life.  In the post I referenced President Obama's view that babies are punishments, and contraceptive activist Sandra Fluke who called babies barriers to success.  Well, recently I was in a debate which was recorded for the … [Read more...]

Debate: Is Abortion Murder?

Over the course of the past six weeks or so I had been engaged in a debate with Justin Sheiber of Reasonable Doubts, the topic of which is: "Is Abortion Murder?"  Justin sent me the invite through social media and I gladly accepted.  In many circumstances I might be hesitant to accept such an … [Read more...]