Happy Thanksgiving!

Let’s play a guessing game.  The first person who can correctly guess who each of the people in this short clip voted for gets a thumbs up!

But seriously, I think it’s safe to assume they voted Democrat.  In fact in my lifetime (no exaggeration) I have never heard a conservative denigrate our country, its soldiers, its history, or its religious foundation with the vitriol and disgust as as Democrats.  I really hate that this anti-American sentiment is so concentrated to one political ideology.  I also realize that not all Liberals and Democrats hate America, but it seems when we run across someone who does, they vote (D).  I’m certainly open to correction on this if anyone has an example to counter the plethora of anti-America demonstrations organized and participated in by the left.

Have a happy Thanksgiving nonetheless.


  1. None of these people have actually studied history – they only know the propaganda of the LEFT which has no resemblance to truth. Which is why we should require citizenship tests of some sort before anyone is allowed to vote!

  2. Yes. The counterexample is Westboro Baptist Church which I believe is an institution that does not favor the Democrats. See the photo here: http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/03/02/scotus.westboro.church/index.html

    Let me go on the record as stating there is a severe problem with your post and your thinking: you are assuming the outcome. You find people that hate this country and assume they vote Democratic. Then you view the presence of this hate group as further evidence that everyone who hates this country votes Democratic. I hope you see the problem with that sort of reasoning. I indulged in it myself above. I really have no idea how the WBC folks vote, or if they vote at all. However, I would assume that they don’t vote Democratic. Who knows?

    Following this line of reasoning, I can say that people who use machine guns and explosives to kill innocent men, women and children are more likely to vote Republican. I am thinking of Tim McVeigh and that Norwegian anti-government guy who mowed down about 80 people, many of them children. What does this prove? Nothing in my opinion. I’m just following your lead.

    Your focus on the extreme behavior of the left might make you feel more justified in your political leanings. It’s really not that useful to focus on the fringe elements and ignore the mainstream. Your choice.

  3. Go figure!

  4. I’m sorry you’re still upset about the loss of Mitt Romney in the presidential election, but I do wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, nevertheless, and may God bless and keep you! ;)

    • Warrioress

      Why do you say I’m upset over Romney’s loss? Is it because I post a video of people who are guaranteed to not be conservatives denigrating our founders and our country? This has nothing to do with the election, or even Obama directly.


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