Glenn Beck treats Obama like Jesus, Liberals outraged

Of course Liberals and Democrats have been fawning over the President as though he were some kind of Messiah.  Comedian Jamie Foxx even introduced him as “our lord and savior.”  Add that to the painting depicting President Obama in like fashion as the crucified Jesus of Nazareth.  While it’s possible that photographers have been doing this all along with other Presidents, I have only now noticed that Obama gets photographed in a fashion that it looks like he has a halo around his head.

I find it ironic that the Left is so outraged over the President being portrayed as the controversial Piss Christ given that they defended that blasphemy as art.  On his show Beck submerged a statuette of President Obama in a jar containing what was reported to be urine, in similar fashion as Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ.  It was later revealed that the liquid in the jar was not in fact urine, but that he was only making a statement about the Left’s reactions when someone admired is treated so harshly.

Jesus in urine = art; Obama in urine = inappropriate and offensive.  Apparently everything was fine, until that last one.


  1. Beck proved what he set out to prove – the hypocrisy of the LEFT!

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