Local atheist outraged over religion in schools

I don’t know if there’s something in the water or what.  But Atheists, who claim the intellectual high-ground mind you, can’t seem to keep a level head when even the semblance of religion squeaks its way into public schools.  Whether it’s a graduation being held in a church hall, or cheerleaders who quote bible verses of their own volition, or even Charlie Brown.  Atheists feel bombarded with what appears to be the religious (primarily Christian) indoctrination of their children.  The silliness doesn’t stop with Charlie Brown, however.  One local woman has found a more sinister violation of a misinterpretation of a single sentence from a private letter by a single Founding Father.

(kbcinews8.com) — One local woman has caught the attention of her local school district administrators because of what she calls a blatant violation of her child’s Constitutional rights.  Sharon Davis, 33, of Hailey is upset over what she believes to be a covert effort to push the Christian religion on unsuspecting students.  Davis, whose five year-old daughter, Emma, attends Bellevue Elementary here in Blaine County, claims that the lower case letter “t” looks too much like the Christian cross for comfort.

“The problem isn’t so much with the capital “T”, but the little one is definitely an issue.”  Davis continued, “I can’t believe schools have been subliminally pushing Christianity for so long.  I mean, why hasn’t anyone noticed this before and done something about it?”


“Obviously it’s too late to do anything about it now, you can’t just get rid of a whole letter.  We’ll just have to deal with it, but I’m not happy about it.”

As asinine as this sounds, given the reaction to Charlie Brown, I can’t say I’m surprised.  But seriously, what can you say to someone like this?  I get the feeling this woman is offended often.


  1. Some people have too much time on their hands.

    Look at the letter “A”. It is the first letter in the word “atheist”–this really offends me. We should really ban the letter “A” from our vocabulary–the letter “A” is obviously hate speech.

    People hate to be convicted of sin. On another level, demons hate to be exposed. For this atheist to be offended by the letter “t”, she must be under some serious demonic bondage. She must be living on pins and needles every day.

  2. Could be true, my initial thought, though, is that this sounds like a WND “news” story – a joke, not an actual story. I’m trying to find some verification (your link is broke). I think you’ve been had…

  3. The story is a joke.

  4. No, I’ve tried looking it up online. It doesn’t exist. You’ve been had, John.

    There’s no problem with pointing out ridiculous people to make a point, but when you post a ridiculous (and false) story to make your point, you undermine your point. I think you should either produce some support that this is a real story or admit you’ve been had. No problem, it happens, just correct the mistake and move on.

  5. Or, do you know it’s a joke? Your link to “kbic” is actually pointing to an anti-atheist website. What are you doing?

  6. ? Disrupt? I’m trying to be helpful. This is not a real news story. I thought you’d appreciate being tipped off to that so you don’t look silly and pass off something false as true.

    My apologies for interfering.

  7. My first thought was that the story is a joke. But it does illustrate the lengths to which atheists will go to push their anti-God agenda. I just caught a glimpse of a story about the “war on Christmas” with some pathetic individual lamenting the suffering of atheists who must endure the discriminatory nature of Christians who wish to maintain the true meaning of the HOLYday. Yet, one doesn’t find too many Christians looking to outlaw any secular aspects of the HOLIday. We are not offended. We simply wish the true meaning not be forgotten, or worse, outlawed as somehow a breech of 1st Amendment intentions.

  8. The link provided is dead, and the indication you give is that it belongs to a news station, when in fact it appears as “atheistsarefragile.com” when you hover over it. I call “bullshit”.
    I think you are pulling a fast one…….

  9. This woman is clearly bored out of her mind. She needs a hobby. Perhaps teaching Sunday School? :)

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