According to the Qur’an, the Qur’an is false

Inevitably when in discussions with people who reject religious convictions, I will be told that that all religious systems have roughly the same evidence for and against it being true.  I can't even begin to count the number of times it has been implied that my being a Christian is one of … [Read more...]

LGBT Community played by Obama in bid for re-election

( -- One day after endorsing gay marriage proposals in Washington and Maine, President Obama told MTV viewers Friday that he would not be pushing gay marriage in his second term, ABC News reported. According to Obama, "it would be up to future generations of Americans to implement … [Read more...]

Liberals and free speech

Recently Ann Coulter was uninvited to speak at Fordham University after pressure from the University president.  This unfortunately, is nothing new.  More often than not, when a speaker is protested and shouted from a venue it is a conservative message that is being stifled.  It doesn't seem to be … [Read more...]

Atheist Marionettes Dance At Behest of Christian Puppeteers

I love irony in all its forms, even when it's at my expense, but I prefer it's at someone else's.  It was visiting another blog where I encountered this post's inspiration. The entire post consisted of but two sentences: "I’ll be out in the world actually volunteering my time to make the word a … [Read more...]

Citizens approve Same-Sex Marriage in four States

This past election cycle was significant for reasons other than re-electing President Barack Obama.  The citizens of four states: Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, and Washington voted on and approved ballot measures legalizing same-sex marriage.  In only one other instance has this issue been put to the … [Read more...]

Good and Bad: My Outlook on the Next Four Years

OK, so after some time to let the dust settle and having dismantled the noose from my basement rafters, I think we can see some good news and bad news about the next four years.  I certainly don't think the hyper-Conservative outlook of America morphing into a North Korea-esque full on … [Read more...]

Full analysis of the election results

This: Only costs this much: + The American Electorate sold its soul. … [Read more...]

2012 Electoral Map

  Above is my electoral map for today's Presidential election via RCP.  I think Obama can and may win some of the states I have designated as a toss-up, but as you can see, it doesn't matter a whole lot. What's correct, what's incorrect?  What would you change? Create your own … [Read more...]

Barack Obama does not deserve your vote

Thinking back over the past few months of this year's campaign season, I am amazed at the number of people willing to support President Obama for a second term based on his effort.  Much like in my previous post on effort vs. results, there are folks out there willing to re-elect Obama because he … [Read more...]

On why I’d vote for Reagan’s corpse if I could

__________________________________________________ Isn't it something how history has a way of repeating itself over time?  All it took was about thirty years or so for us to need a modern version of Ronald Reagan to save us from a modern version of Jimmah Carter. Listening to Reagan's recount … [Read more...]

Bill Maher: Blacks are prone to angry racist violence

When speaking about those who might vote for Republican hopeful Mitt Romney, comedian (I use the term loosely) had this to say: If you're thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, I would like to make this one plea: black people know who you are and they will come after you. Let's all try to be … [Read more...]

Is the economy really doing better?

The following is from the American Thinker and requires no further comment from me: The BLS reported the October 2012, U-3 unemployment rate at 7.9 percent. As Rick Moran says, "... the economy added a middling 171,000 jobs." (By the way, the U-3 unemployment rate among blacks is 14.3 percent, yet … [Read more...]

Sometimes trying isn’t good enough

Having lost power earlier this week due to Hurricane Sandy, I decided to build a fire to help keep the family warm.  Lacking the luxuries of electricity, I needed to hearken back to my Boy Scout days and go into survival mode.  So I got the wood, newspapers, wood chips, twigs, etc. all set to get a … [Read more...]

Intolerance will not be tolerated

People used to know what tolerance entailed.  It was understood that even though your views were different from someone else's, you still treated them with respect.  This view of tolerance has been abandoned for the most part by people who hold what are generally considered liberal views: … [Read more...]

Why we don’t need teacher’s unions, reason #1419

Living in New England I have the unfortunate pleasure of living like many Floridians and Carolinians, in that my area of the country was directly hit by Hurricane Sandy.  So far the power has been out since mid-Monday with no real hopes of regaining electricity (which also translates into cable, … [Read more...]

Who holds the responsibility for caring for children?

How have we gotten to a place where who actually has the responsibility to raise children has been assigned to someone other than the child's parents?  Take a look at a comment from a previous post: My problem with most conservatives is that their position is inconsistent. They are (typically) … [Read more...]