2012 Electoral Map


Above is my electoral map for today’s Presidential election via RCP.  I think Obama can and may win some of the states I have designated as a toss-up, but as you can see, it doesn’t matter a whole lot.

What’s correct, what’s incorrect?  What would you change?

Create your own Electoral Map HERE and share your predictions.


  1. I don’t see Wisconsin going red. I still doubt Ohio as well. But I understand that if Romney can’t get Va., he needs a Wisconsin or he’s in deep trouble….
    If Florida goes blue, well…..

    • I think Wisc goes red only because of the strong support for Walker in the recall not long ago. Ohio it is so close with a projected higher Dem turnout, but I dont see Dem turnout being higher than Rep turnout. Couple that with Romney leading with Independents 55% to 32% and it’s going Red. FLA is red this season.

  2. Your map isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility. I think it’s the most likely of the 9% chance Nate Silver predicts. My big prediction is that Obama takes Florida but not Virginia. I also see him stealing Arizona. Crazy was in in 2010 but out in 2012. That logic should give Obama Wisconsin also, but I’m not as confident about that. The cheeseheads didn’t kick Walker out, so maybe they’ll stay Republican. I think the auto bailout (along with various Republican gaffes) was successful enough to carry Ohio, Michigan, and PA. I’m curious to see if NH free-staters vote libertarian (Obama win) or Republican (Romney win).

  3. Sorry about your loss, John. Fortunately, the sun will rise again tomorrow and life will go on. Peace.

  4. You have my condolences. Care to head up North?

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