Liberals and free speech

Recently Ann Coulter was uninvited to speak at Fordham University after pressure from the University president.  This unfortunately, is nothing new.  More often than not, when a speaker is protested and shouted from a venue it is a conservative message that is being stifled.  It doesn’t seem to be at all controversial for Liberals to believe it justified to prevent conservatives from speaking their mind.  In fact, some view a conservative message dangerous.

I think it sheds light on a person’s integrity who seeks to end a debate or discussion before it even starts by hurling insults and accusations at anyone who disagrees.  I also think it’s safe to say that liberals value free speech only in theory, not in practice, given their low tolerance for dissent as evidenced by the perpetual attempts to silence opposition.

This desire to exclude opposing views also extends to one’s personal life.  Remember back to the study that showed liberals  are nearly twice as likely to block, hide, or unfriend someone over conflicting political views.

Isn’t it ironic how intolerant the party of tolerance so often is?  What’s worse is many liberals see the hypocrisy and don’t care.  For them the double standard is justified because the conservative message doesn’t deserve a voice.


  1. First of all Fordham is a private institution. They can decide they’ve heard quite enough of Ann Coulter’s stone-headed bigotry.
    Where’s your angst about the Boy Scouts and the Catholic church who have explicitly disinvited gays from their meetings, ranks, and lives? Just because someone at Fordham corrected the mistaken notion that any educated person would listen to Ann Coulter doesn’t mean that conservatives and those with morbid curiosity for the hatred Ann Coulter spews (or the perfectly legitimate but unwelcome views of others) can’t go listen to her on Fox or the internet any time they want.
    Ann Coulter has had plenty of time in the spotlight. This is a perfect case of when there has been plenty of toleration, and it’s time to slam a door in someone’s face.

    • I realize Fordham is private and can do what they want. But citing the boy scouts who can choose standards for their membership, and Catholic institutions who can as well (I’ve never heard of gays being expelled from meetings) doesn’t counter my point. One is membership another is a public speaker.

      And this isn’t an isolated incident either and you know it. Its the mindset that says you don’t deserve a voice because we say so. No discussion no debate, just shut your mouth an tow the line.

    • But perhaps Jason you could try to make your point using apples to apples. How many liberals have been disinvited from speaking engagements at universities because they were liberals with a liberal message?

  2. John

    Silencing and marginalizing opposing views are the first plays in the liberal handbook. Like you pointed out, it is almost laughable that they consider themselves tolerance, as they have a difficult time tolerating common sense.



  3. What? What? Jason has no argument? My Goodness! How shocking!


    Liberals are liberals are liberals. They marginalize and attempt to silence. It’s their only tactic. They’re dirtbags.

  4. After arguing a point on Facebook, I was asked “If you don’t like the views expressed here, why don’t you stop reading?”. What was meant was “We don’t want to read anything but the views expressed here”. Liberals live in a bubble. There aren’t any places in liberal land where honest debate is welcome. They think that they alone are good and therefore anyone who differs with them is not merely wrong, but bad. Evil, even. It used to be a tactic. Now, it is very real to them. The liberals we deal with have had this notion drilled into them since birth.

    • C2C

      That’s exactly the case. I was banned from and had all my comments deleted because I questioned the pro choice logic. No name calling or hostility, I just laid out my normal case against abortion and I was told that I was being decisive and broke the rules. They wouldn’t cite the rule I broke but insisted that they try to be as tolerant and lenient as possible, but my extreme views could not be posted.

      You’re right, they prefer most the company of themselves.

      • Ironically, I was arguing that there’s plenty of “hate” on both sides to go around, but most liberals only seem to notice when some kook on the right says something racist. They had no idea that Palin had been called a “c-word”. Never heard that Rush was generally referred to by folks on the left as a “fat, stupid drug addict”. It was as if I had told them that fish live in water for the very first time! Oblivious! THEY don’t hate… They’re incapable of it!

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