On why I’d vote for Reagan’s corpse if I could


Isn’t it something how history has a way of repeating itself over time?  All it took was about thirty years or so for us to need a modern version of Ronald Reagan to save us from a modern version of Jimmah Carter.

Listening to Reagan’s recount of the story, I’m amazed at how similar the issues are couched.

One thing I like about Republican hopeful Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan is that, generally speaking, they don’t mince words.  They know the medicine they have to offer doesn’t sit well with a large swath of the nation’s electorate, but it must be administered.

Too many people today vote for the candidate they think will primarily benefit themselves when in fact hey ought to be voting for the benefit of the country.  Tomorrow I hope everyone will cast their ballot for the best candidate for the nation, and not the one who promises the largest portion of your neighbor’s bread, lest he cease baking.


  1. Please do vote for Reagan’s Corpse. And while you’re poking around the graveyard, see if you can find anyone from the Bush administration. There seems to be a great Republican attempt to make America forget those 8 years ever happened. The only peep from the Bush administration has been Colin Powell endorsing Obama.

    • the only bad part of the Bush admin. was the last year or so. The rest of his term was successful. But not for nuthin’, Powell said his reason for voting for Obama wasn’t “color blind”. Yeah, a screaming endorsement of his capabilities.

  2. Er…Obama or Romney? Romney or Obama?

    Well, that was easy.


  3. I saw your post on your reasoning, Warrioress. I have to say I am disappointed with your perspective.

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