Liberal diversity plans


OK, so without doing any research I will presume this video is a parody.  However, it does a great job of summarizing the problem with the left’s obsession with race and how their visions of social engineering are utter failures.  So joke or not, it’s spot on.

(HT: Right Coast Conservative)


  1. Hilarious!

  2. BR

    Thats what I was thinking. I mean, thats why I couldn’t tell if it was a joke or not, and the guy’s website doesn’t make it any easier to figure it out either. There are too many liberals who think like this guy that you can’t really tell if it’s a joke.

  3. WOW! It reminds me of the liberals fleeing from liberal havens like California to better economic environments like that in my home state of Texas. They come for the opportunity, screw it up with liberal ideas, and move on to the next successful place that needs to be “fixed”.

    Which reminds me… Texas is getting more interested in seceding. I say, Come, all ye conservatives! The boat’s about to sail!

  4. Neil C. Reinhardt says:

    TEXAS CAN LEGALLY LEAVE THE UNITED STATES AND THEY ARE THE ONLY STATE WHICH CAN. If they do, and I can do, I am moving as a hate OBOTS / Liberals / DUMOCTATS and their prolific lying, terrorist loving, racist con man hero who I call ODUMA!

    Who FYI, only won in 2012 due to MASSIVE Voter Fraud!

  5. Whine much?

    “fixed.” “voter fraud.”

    Secede away, boys. Send us a postcard sometime.

    We adults have real work to do, y’all go build your treehouse if you want.

    Just stop complaining about losing. Nothing worse than sore losers. I’m glad my kids grew out of that stage…

    • Well, by fraud, I am referring to the GOP election official who were forcibly removed from polling stations which resulted in 90%+ turnout and 19,000 – 0 votes in favor of Obama. Or the counties in FLA that 140% voter turnout, you know, typical chicago politics.

  6. As to the video, I kept waiting for the humor. All I heard was grade school attempts at humor by suggesting racist ideas.

    Was that the joke? Blacks are dumb and violent and liberals are naive to accept that blacks are dumb and violent? I guess it went over my head…

  7. …and you all wonder why people of color have abandoned the GOP and “conservatives” of your sort…

  8. According to ABC…

    All the states petitioning to secede from the United States that obtained enough signatures to elicit a response from the White House — with the exception of Alabama — were some of the largest recipients of federal funding in 2010.

    Census records show that six of the seven states that amassed more than 25,000 signatures on their petitions to form independent nations in the past week took more than $10 million in revenue from the federal government that year.

    The seven states – Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina – took more than 23 percent of all federal revenue allotted to the states that year.

    So, the freeloading Texas wants to give up their federal money that they’ve been begging for for years? Let the welfare queens (that is, Texans) go. That will free up money for the rest of us if we’re not paying your way.

    Although I hear that Austin, TX has started a petition to secede from Texas and remain with the US, so that could be tricky (want to take a guess as to whether Austin is a cumulative giver or taker in terms of tax dollars…?)

  9. A quick search shows what looks like 13 national parks and 24 military bases you’ll have to purchase back from the rest of us before you secede. And, of course, the ~500,000 military personnel located there will be leaving. I suppose you’ll be paying us for the federal highways we own on your property.

    Just be sure to settle up before you leave and start your treehouse…

  10. Well, by fraud

    Just provide the court records showing the convictions for fraud and you’ll have made your point…

  11. …what? There are no investigations going on? No convictions soon to arise? You mean, it’s just an unsupported allegation?

    Well, I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to listen to unsupported allegations.

    I googled “florida voter fraud” and this turned up…

    Citing a GOP operative of fraud, is that the one you’re speaking of…?

  12. John…

    What does the secession petitions have to do with “people of color” you racist?

    Nothing, directly (although, we could look in to that aspect of it…).

    But the topic of this post is the video YOU linked to and it is a piece of racist propaganda, suggesting that black folk are innately dumb and violent.

    For reasons like this, black folk and other folk of color (and reasonable white folk) are running from the GOP. Just ask Bobby Jindal. You all have GOT to stop suggesting black and hispanic folk want “free stuff” and are violent and dumb if you want to break this losing spiral you’re in. Didn’t you hear GOP Governor Bobby Jindal’s message?

    It’s not just me that’s saying this, it’s reasonable Republicans.

    • I posted the video because this absolutely represents liberal thinking, its the soft racism of low expectations. Remember when FLA lowered the standards by which black students needed to pass? That was racism. I have dealt with it first hand. And you keep speaking of people in terms of race, and in fact you are disparaging an entire political party because of their racial make up. That makes you a racist, you racist.

    • Oh, and Dan, when Democrats quit opposing nutritional standards for SNAP because poor people need to buy soda because thats what they need to fill their kid’s bellies, I’ll start taking your sympathy for the poor a little more seriously. I’m just waiting for the day when you liberals stop treating minorities like they’re pets who need to be taken care of.

  13. It just goes to show, if you want to fix the problem you best work on the problem and not your own prejudiced projections.

  14. Having seen about 50% of this video, it appears to me as a caricature of liberalism (a satire). Having said that, even liberals can admit that many caricatures contain grains of truth. Liberalism has definitely evolved over the last 20-30 years, moving away from this caricature to a more realistic view. Similarly, liberal views of economics have evolved away from the strictly “class struggle/capitalist oppression” view to a view that admits the virtues of market-based approaches. The world has changed also (e.g. the former Soviet Union and China).

    The sad thing is that the Conservative movement has not similarly evolved. Conservatives focus exclusively on the evils of “old style” liberalism, even though liberal views are closer to theirs now. By doing so, Conservatives are losing the middle and reacting to a world that is largely absent, or that exists only at the fringes. Liberals both embrace the free market and some forms of government regulation. We acknowledge the oppressive nature of poverty and past racism, while at the same time insisting on personal responsibility and low tolerance for crime. That is the liberalism of today, not of yesterday. Today’s liberalism is what matters.

    I am sure you can find counterexamples and isolated examples of the old style liberalism. Here is my counterexample to what Conservatives are predicting now that Obama is re-elected: four years from now, the United States will not be a Socialist/Communist hotbed of mayhem, characterized by class/race warfare, declining living standards and vanishing personal freedom. It will be similar to the United States of today, hopefully with an improved economic outlook and lower deficits. In four years, the United States will continue to be a first-world nation, with high technology and opportunities for its most enterprising citizens. That is my prediction, and I am logging it here:

    We’ll see.

  15. John…

    One more point, it was Bill Maher, a frothing at the mouth liberal, who said that blacks were prone to angry racist violence. It wasn’t a conservative, you racist.

    John, I merely pointed out to you that stereotypes like the one offered in your video (presumably from a conservative) that has resulted in your party being shunned by VAST majorities of black folk and other non-whites. You all have a problem in that your own words and “jokes” sound racist. Pointing that out does not make me a racist. Making a charge like that (unsupported and ridiculous, based on nothing) just makes you sound defensive and whiny.

    You all can ignore the problem (the problem that has been pointed out most recently and quite well by GOP Governor Jindal), you can cast false aspersions on liberals, you can point to un-funny “liberal” (more boorish than liberal, it seems to me) “comedians” like Maher, or you can start to remove the plank from your own collective eyes. I suggest you do the more mature thing and start cleaning up at home, first.

    “I think that’s [Romney’s racist suggestion about black folk being greedy and stupid, without morals and able to be “bought” by phones and welfare…] absolutely wrong…

    We have got to stop dividing the American voters. We need to go after 100 percent of the votes, not 53 percent. We need to go after every single vote. … So I absolutely reject that notion, that description. I think it’s absolutely wrong. I don’t think that represents where we are as a party, where we’re going as a party. That has got to be one of the most fundamental takeaways from this election…”

    “…It is corrosive… We cannot become the party that divides people into special interest groups. By class, race, gender. But to the extent that we’re talking about the 53 and the 47 percent? That to me doesn’t sound like a party that’s fighting for every vote. That doesn’t sound to me like a party that really understands that 100 percent of the American people benefit from our principles…”

    “The future of this party is very bright, but we have to make serious changes.

    ~Gov. Bobby Jindal

    • Dan

      I’m merely pointing out that the fact that you think the GOP is “too white” makes you a racist just like if I said the Democratic party was “too brown”. You’re a racist.

  16. Are you serious? I don’t think you know what racist means, John.

    From MW:

    Racist: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

    How does valuing diversity IN ANY SENSE OF THE ENGLISH MEANING OF THE WORD suggest “racism,” to you? I’m not saying “White people are naturally worse than other races, which are all superior…” (Wouldn’t really make much sense since I am white, my children are white, my parents are white and I actually have many white friends…, now would it?). No, it means I value diversity and am willing to work towards being part of diverse groups of all races, exactly because I am not racist, in the English meaning of the word.

    You want to think that one through again, John? Maybe back up and say, “sorry, I got all excited in the heat of the moment and said something without thinking it through…”? No problem, man, we all make silly misstatements, sometimes. We just need to be adult enough to admit it when we’ve done so.

    • You imply the GOP doesn’t have enough of the right color people at the same time you say too many of a certain color people is a bad thing. You’re a racist.

    • You know what’s funny, dan says we should listen to Jindal. I agree, however Jindal said we meed to stop putting people into categories such as race and sex. So I guess that means dan (who has since voiced racist views) will also stop putting people into categories and demanding diversity based on those categories. Is that right dan, you’ll stop demanding diversity based on categories?

  17. I’m saying diversity is a good thing, that is not racism in the English language, John. Are you being intentionally ignorant?

    I’m not saying “all white=bad” I’m saying “diversity=good and desirable.”

    • Diversity means nothing. At your workplace, would you hire a bunch of criminals to increase diversity? BEFORE YOU SAY THAT YOU THINK I THINK OTHER RACES ARE CRIMINALS: The point is that if you want good people at your workplace, don’t look at race. Look at the content of their character, right?

      If the goal is diversity, you can have that. Go hire criminals of all racial backgrounds. Done. Perfect diversity.

      Now, go hire a bunch of quality people based solely on their resumes. If they show up Monday morning and they’re all white, have you done something wrong? OF COURSE NOT!

      It’s ridiculous to strive for diversity. It means nothing.

      THAT’S the point of the video.

  18. And just to be clear, I did not say, “you say too many of a certain color people is a bad thing.” Look at my words, you can see that it’s not there.

    Rather, I said that I value diversity (people of ALL races) which, BY DEFINITION, is sort of the OPPOSITE of racism. So, how about it? Wanna admit you’re way off or do you want to explain what definition of racism you’re using that seems so contrary to standard English?

    • I wasn’t quoting you you racist, I was paraphrasing the essence of your position that the GOP is too white, aka the wrong color. Don’t latch on to trying to claim I misquoted you, I never said it a quote. Don’t pull your BS with me, I hate racists and will boot you out of here in a heartbeat for spewing your racist puke.

  19. Neil C. Reinhardt says:


    Tell me child, have you put your physical well being and your life on the line for Black Civil Rights as I did in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s? Were you ever resposnsible for getting a Black (and a woman at that) permoted over whites as they were more competent? (This was at NCR’s Electronics Divisin in about 1966.)

    Have you dated Black women as well as live within a few feet of Blacks with whom I interface every day and who are friends of mine?

    I doubt it, You are just another totally clueless Obot and Liberal who has no damn clue as too the facts.

    So Child, I shall clue you in. ODUMA would have NEVER been elected in 2008 had:

    A, The Leftest, Lying, Liberal Lame Stream Media told the truth about his having as a Mentor and Close Friend a White & America Hating Preacher.

    B. ODUMA being such close friends with the two TERRORIST leaders (Dorn / Ayers) who had robbed Banks, Bombed our private companies, Bombed West Point, the Pentagon & other US goverment buildings. They Bombed Police Stations and Police cars and they KILLED a Law
    Enforcment officer.

    And Child, the only reason this SCUM did not injure and/or kill THOUSANDS rather than the three of them and the one good guy was due to their INCOMPETENCE!




  20. Neil C. Reinhardt says:



  21. ? Do you have any age restrictions on who comments here? What is this guy, third grade?

  22. Diversity means nothing.

    …and THIS is why you all will keep losing elections, if THIS grade school drivel wins the GOP and not the Bobby Jindals. Myself, I am hoping the reasonable, adult Bobby Jindals of the GOP win the day. I think we need at least two competitive parties.

    I just think they both need to be adult and rational.

    • Dan, I like Bobby Jindal. Good guy. But his race has nothing to do with it. His contribution means something. His character means something. Diversity means nothing. It is a natural result of our historically open arms to any people. Our invitation to anyone who yearns to be free. Believe me, people of all races come here, but our diversity is not the reason they come. And what’s so “grade school” about saying “I DON’T CARE WHAT COLOR YOU ARE!”? Isn’t that kind of the point of “not by the color of their skin”?

      John is right. You have a twisted view of race AND diversity.

      Diversity is fine, IF it happens to come to be. It should NEVER be the goal.

  23. Wow! Dan’s got the vapors, it seems!

    First off, what slander!

    “[Romney’s racist suggestion about black folk being greedy and stupid, without morals and able to be “bought” by phones and welfare…] “

    Try really hard, Dan, to show any evidence that this slander is a reasonable inference of Romney’s remarks. What in his history could possibly lead an honest person to infer such a thing without the suggestion by a lying leftist that it is “how it sounds” to anyone? There is nothing. Nothing in the man’s character that gives you a reason to suggest any such intention.

    As such, Romney is only speaking about a commonly understood tactic that has been employed by Democrats since, forever. It is called, the bribe. Promise anything to get the votes. Wave a trinket in front of the voters and get elected. It’s especially common among Chicago Dems (and really, most big city Dems). Alderman make sure new garbage cans show up in the alleys, and other such practices to entice people to support the machine candidates. Romney listed actual examples of this tactic.

    But YOU, Dan, slanderer and race-baiter, suggest Romney was referring to race alone. Here are some of the examples Romney offered in the statement to which Jindal was referring:

    “”With regards to the young people, for instance, a forgiveness of college loan interest was a big gift,” Romney said, according to The New York Times. “Free contraceptives were very big with young, college-aged women. And then, finally,
    Obamacare also made a difference for them, because as you know, anybody now 26 years of age and younger was now going to be part of their parents’ plan, and that was a big gift to young people.””
    —from an article of the Christian Science Monitor.

    Where’s the racism here, Dan? What’s more (from the same article), Jindal goes on to say the following:

    ““And, secondly,” Jindal continued, “we need to continue to show how our policies help every voter out there achieve the American dream, which is to be in the middle class, which is to be able to give their children an opportunity to be able to get a great education. …””

    …which actually coincides with Romney’s remarks, regardless of Jindal’s possible intentions related to them. Romney spoke of Obama’s specific bribes and promises to specific groups, while Jindal refers to what routinely fails to get addressed in a clear and articulate manner that informs the voters and distinguishes right from left and why conservative policy is best (though I believe most Americans dream bigger than to be only middle class).

  24. Secondly, parody or not, the video illustrates the flaw of leftist social policy. In this case, diversity. Diversity cannot be forced. There is no way to do it. It either exists or it doesn’t. Diversity is a way in which leftists can feel superior without really doing anything tangible. It’s totally meaningless as understood and sought by the leftist. It accomplishes nothing whatsoever except to provide an appearance about which the leftist can pretend life is better.

    John’s comments were spot on. The question might be better this way: At what point are we “diverse” enough to satisfy the demand for diversity? Equal shares black, white, Hispanic, oriental, middle eastern, Eskimo, smart, stupid, blond, brunette, tall, short, fit, fat….As John says, if there are too many whites to be considered diverse, what is the problem with that? Should we limit procreation so that the balance is maintained between the races and genders? How about sex selection abortion? Should we step that up? Like the leftist notion of equality, there is no way to achieve or even define an ideal of optimum diversity. God help the white guy who is one too many for Dan’s world of diversity.

    The fact is, we are already an incredibly diverse culture of the type Dan believes is essential for whatever lame reason. What’s more, the Republican party can boast of sufficient diversity as it now stands. Jindal is one of two governors of Indian blood. The other, Nicki Haley, is one of four women governors, one of which, Susanna Martinez, is a Latina. There are women and blacks in Congress with R’s next to their names. Yet the dishonest lefty will whine on about “old white guys” as if none of these people exist. Nobody is more racist than the lefty, which is historically the case, because they can’t stop talking about it as if it matters, and accusing the right of racism is such an ingrained and routine tactic, a lie told often enough that too many people believe it to be true. I guess we can say that Dan’s only doing what comes naturally.

  25. I’m just saying (and agreeing with folk like Jindal) that actually CARING about diversity is a good thing, IF you want to be diverse yourselves, as a group. That you don’t care about it is part of the problem the GOP is having and will continue to have until you change some of the things Jindal is speaking about.

    You have GOT to stop sounding like you think black folk, young folk, hispanic folk and even liberal folk are stupid, greedy, amoral, violent, etc. You will just dwindle away to irrelevancy if you don’t.

    Diversity means a lot, to some of us. We are a melting pot and I and people like me appreciate being surrounded by that rich tapestry of humanity that is the United States. Videos like this and comments like Romney’s are driving people away from your party.

    So says Jindal, and he’s right. You can change or you can become meaningless to the point of irrelevance. Your call.

  26. It would seem that the only kind of diversity that actually matters to the left is based coley, completely and totally on the color of skin. How shallow is that.

    Grab 20 random folks of any skin color off the street and put them in a room, and I’ll just about guarantee you’ll have some level of diversity.

    As an example, there is a significant level of diversity between the Somali families I build for and the Ethiopian families I build for despite the undeniable fact that they have the same skin color.

    It’s fine to be shallow, I just don’t know if you can build a political movement on it.

  27. Neil C. Reinhardt says:


    Not only will I be 78 on Dec. 26th, I am many times more experienced as well as more generally knowledgeable than are most my age.

    And child, the odds of a mental light- weight like you exceeding my combination of IQ and AQ scores are about ZERO!

    (AQ is the tested ability to effectively use one’s IQ.)

  28. Neil C. Reinhardt says:

    Poor Dan

    It seems Dan you have no clue your hero “Oduna” is a real and actual RACIST!

    As proven by:

    A. Oduma’s Own Words in His Own Books.

    B. Odumas attending a church for over 20 years where a White & America Hating
    preacher, the Rev. Wright, spewed forth
    his racist garbage. Oduma even took his children so they could be indoctrinated as well.

    While Oprah quit attending this church due to the racist content of the Rev. Wright speeches, Oduma did not stop going until pressure from bloggers caused the Lying, Leftest, Liberal Lame Stream Media to make it public.

    The Rev. Wright was not only Oduma’s
    minister, meeting each other many times over many years, he was one of Oduma’s mentors and close friends until Oduma started treating the Rev, Wright as some one Oduma did not want around any longer.

    To say Oduma’s poor treatment of his former friend and mentor had pissed the Rev, Wright off, is an understatment.

    C. Oduma proves his racism by not
    prosecuting the Black Panthers who stopped White voters from voting in the 2008 election

    D. Oduma proves his racism by his asking Blacks to support him,

    Oduma has proven he IS a RACIST by various other things he has said and done.

    Last, as I had forgotten to mention it, in the middle 1970’s while I was living in pretty much “Lilly White” Manhattan Beach, Ca, my apartment mate and good friend was a 6′ 7″ Black man.

    So anyone who thinks I am a racist is many cans short of a six pack. They have Bats in their Belfry, The lights are on and no one is home.

  29. I would think that, by age 78, you’d learn to speak more like an adult.

    Oduma? Seriously, what are you? Third grade?

    You know, I wouldn’t let my third grader speak like that about any adult. So, I guess you’re not as well-spoken as at least my kids when they were in the third grade.

    Grow up, little fella.


    It would seem that the only kind of diversity that actually matters to the left is based coley, completely and totally on the color of skin. How shallow is that.

    Well, since I didn’t say that, I don’t know how shallow it is. Find someone who said that and ask them.

    My point remains: You all can strive for diversity or the GOP will become even more irrelevant to the point of going the way of the Whigs. Simple demographics.

    Listen to Jindal or disappear. Your call.

    I don’t understand why the emotional upheaval you all are in at someone just pointing out what other GOP folk are pointing out. I’d suggest you all would be better served by getting past this emotional snit you’re in over your losses and start dealing with things on a more rational, adult level.

  30. Dan,

    You are correct, you didn’t say “The only kind of diversity…”, that’s true as far as it goes. However, you have mentioned absolutely ZERO other types of diversity to strive for.

    The even more amazing thing is that even though I specifically said “the left” you chose to read “Dan”. You could respond to what I actually wrote, or you can assume everything is about you, your call. It might might not be too far off to suppose that in addition to looking to the most shallow superficial way to measure diversity, you might also be a little too full of your self.

    It’s actually interesting, in many ways you’re on the right track here. If the GOP is going to thrive going forward it’s going to take some broadening of the base in a number of demographic groups. The problem is that it can’t just be a cynical shallow rush to “fill in the skin color blanks”, it’s got to be based on principal. I’d love to see someone interview the woman in Fl (I believe) who was convinced that in P-BO was elected her house payment would somehow magically get paid. I’d love to know how that worked out for her. Or we see the guy interviewing P-BO supporters and asking them about some positions that Romney had taken. They were quick to label those positions as wrong and evil etc. Until it was revealed that this was all stuff that P-BO had done or supported, then the equivocation started.

    Look it’s easy to just throw out the “GOP is racist” line, to a partisan left crowd. It keeps the black vote in the democrat fold. Great, y’all have based a political movement on that. How about something positive instead.

    Let’s talk about black unemployment, black school performance, inner city life in Detroit or DC, the fact that for every job created during P-BO’s administration around 30 folks have gone on food stamps.

    But why, it’s just easier to say “yeah, but it’ll be worse if the GOP is in charge”. It’s a great line, it’s just not much of a platform.

    Just to be clear “the left” does not equal “Dan” nor does “Dan” equal “the left”. A little humility is generally a good thing. ;)

  31. Dan,

    Jindal isn’t talking about diversity in the least. He’s talking against dealing with people as if they are in groups not being served. I quoted his point dealing with explaining how conservative policy is beneficial to all regardless of what group a lefty wants to label them. THAT is his message, not one of “diversity”.

  32. But John, measuring diversity by shallow superficial means is so easy, why put forth any more effort than is minimally necessary. Obviously the answer is for the GOP to seek to include a bunch of liberals of color, it makes for such a pretty picture on TV, Notice how diverse the dem’s are when it comes to pro-lifeers in their party.


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