Sunday Fun: How did you find me?

I am always surprised at some of the terms people plugged into a search engine and found their way to my site.  Some I understand, other I couldn’t even replicate, let alone dicypher why on Earth search giants like Google or Bing would associate them with me.  So Here’s a peek into how some of you have found Sifting Reality on the internet.

Top Ten Search Terms

  • sifting reality
  • oh you dog
  • relieved
  • reinhardt syndrome
  • heath campbell
  • questions for atheists
  • gay pride flag
  • killed for not recanting belief
  • student proves god exists
  • magic eye jesus

Odd Associations

  • baking a cake
  • better off as slaves
  • inconsistency [ouch!]
  • sifting sex
  • racist dog
  • dont get me started on drugs tumblr
  • tattoo where to put children names
  • sex with animal
  • Mr. potato head
  • heart eat
  • burger king nutrition chart
  • cellphoning
  • blacks walking
  • christianity likes someone
  • wwjd about rats
  • little people sex
  • sleep deprivation causing gag reflex
  • funny gay sex
  • words in hands
  • history if yeast myth
  • “insufferableness of liberals”
  • enduring 50 degrees naked

Looking For Me?

  • john barron what crime did he do
  • is john barron gay
  • john barron arrested
  • john barron rape
  • john barron smells
  • police blotter john barron
  • when something is barron
  • john barron harassment
  • john barron suicide
  • mean person

I have been at this now for a little over three years.  In that time I’ve had many people read my thoughts and share their own.  For those of you who keep coming back, do you remember how you first came across my blog?


  1. I can’t remember, but it was either because you commented on my site or I saw a comment by you on Neil’s blog. Either way, I checked out your blog.

  2. My response is similar to Glenn’s. I think it’s the same with every blog I follow, with the only difference being which blog lead to which.

  3. It was a connection through WordPress. I have a WordPress blog also. Other than that, I cannot recall. A Google search was not involved.

  4. I’m not completely sure anymore, but I think I followed a link to you from Wintery Knight.

  5. Eternity Matters

  6. Well, I found you in a round-about way. I was researching Rob Bell’s book “Love Wins” and came across a professor (Larry Dixon) who runs a blog that discusses various theological issues, including the issue of Hell. One commenter on his site was “George W”, who runs a blog called “Misplaced Grace”. I enjoyed George’s comments and so I visited his blog. One of the blogs on his blogroll that he recommended was yours. (he claims that he disagrees with almost everything you say – but that you argue for it logically!)

Any Thoughts?

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