Sunday fun — Travel stories

I have been commissioned to fly to Tennessee in order to drive my grandmother back home. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity for some much needed father / daughter time with my oldest whom just turned 13 this week. Because she has never flown it was going to make for a small adventure, from her perspective anyway.

Two layovers and 10 hours later we arrived safely in Knoxville with some memorable pics and a few stories.

On the flight from Charlotte I had the pleasure of being seated next to a woman with stories about her family. About halfway through the flight she took from her bag a book of crossword puzzles. I am fond of crossword puzzles by the way. She told me how she has a subscription to this magazine of puzzles and she is always excited to receive them in the mail — since the nature of my occupation came up.

At first I didnt realize what I was witnessing but it soon dawned on me. From the first clue to the final clue she looked up each answer one by one and wrote them into the puzzle. She gave no hesitation as though she were trying to figure out the clues at all. Just flipped to the back then to the puzzle and wrote the answer.

That’s not all. When she was finished she closed the book and held it on her lap as though she had just finished looking at an old family photo album. She gave off a sense of accomplishment.  She looked at me and said again how much she loved her puzzles — and good for her.

Do any of you have any interesting stories from your travels?

Any Thoughts?

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