The US Government is not broke: The proof!

Republicans and Conservatives are flooding their constituents and certain media outlets with the insane notion that the Obama administration is spending money we don't have.  I used to believe this rumor too, and in fact I have erroneously perpetuated it here. (CNS News) -- The National Institutes … [Read more...]

Atheism is dangerous for children

I don't expect professing Atheists to agree.  However there is, to a degree, a sense of abuse -- in the ultimate sense -- in teaching children that God doesn't exist.  Mind you, I don't consider it abuse because (which) God's existence is obvious, though I believe it is.  It's because … [Read more...]

Two Questions For Atheists…

I wish to pose two questions to atheists. They are not trick questions and there is no ulterior motive. I am genuinely interested in your responses. First, let me state the obvious. Religion has had a greater affect on humanity than anything else. It has driven kings to conquer and nations to … [Read more...]