The American moral trajectory

There isn’t much substance I could add to this post from American Creed.  Whenever anyone attempts to link the moral decay of America to the nation’s resistance to God they are branded a fanatic of one stripe or another, mostly by those who are resisting God and His moral standard.  Moral short comings such as promiscuity, homosexual sexual relationships, adultery, and a host of other sins are either championed or acceptingly ignored by large populations.  This can’t come with no consequence.

American Christians, now is the time to put up or shut up.  Our nation is dying.  Those who we think are allies are continuing to side with darkness.  The tide of evil and lawlessness is always advancing.  Even conservatives are susceptible to succumbing to this wave of wickedness.

Only a genuine, personal relationship with the Way, the Truth and the Life will keep us steadfast in holding to the standard of righteousness. Only an authentic Christian will have the moral courage to remain on his feet in the face of continuous evil.

Examine yourselves.  Sincerely seek God and ask him to expose every wicked way in you.  If you are sincere, start being the salt of the earth.  Start living like you are the light of the world.  Tear down the idols in your lives.  Be authentic.  Stop lying to God, your brothers and sisters, yourselves about how good you are.

Our nation needs to see authentic Christianity, not some Bible-thumping, sign-waving, self-righteous farce.  Too many people think they are Christians because they attend a church and eat at Chick-fil-A.  We aren’t Christians because we oppose same-sex “marriage.”  We aren’t Christians because we obey the law.  We oppose same-sex “marriage” and obey the law because we are Christians.

Before our nation will get on the right track in public policy, Christians have to be the authentic, genuine people God has called us to be.  We have to have a real relationship with God in fear and trembling, not some token church attendance or an adherence to a few “correct” political positions.

I think the post’s author is correct in laying the blame on America’s Christian population.  Many stand by and refuse to enter the public square in the name of piety.  They then wonder what is happening around them as though they didn’t have a hand in creating it by standing silent.  If America is run by the ungodly it is because the godly allowed it to happen.


  1. I guess it’s easy when you wrap yourself in the self-righteousness of a belief system that tries to assert all wrongdoing to anything opposed to it. This rant smacks of dolts like Pat Robertson who try to blame Haitians for their earthquake or residents of New Orleans for hurricane Katrina.

    As for who is running America, just follow the almighty dollar. If you want a theocracy, go live in Iran.

  2. Amen!

  3. Amen to John’s post to be specific.

  4. zqtx,

    On what basis do objective moral truths exist, if not God? For instance, would you agree that rape is always wrong?

  5. zqtx’s ignorant comment usually should be ignored according to Proverbs 26:4, but let me apply Proverbs 26:5.

    He ignorantly concluded “This rant smacks of dolts like Pat Robertson who try to blame Haitians for their earthquake or residents of New Orleans for hurricane Katrina” when the whole point of my encouragement to Christians was to say that inauthentic Christians are the problem not the secular humanists or sexual perverts.

    The system of self-righteous morality that is being imposed on society is not from Christians, but from secular humanists who insist evil is good and good is evil. If Christians would be real and brave, zqtx and his posse would be a permanent minority and his brand of evil morality would not destroy our nation. So, if Christians acknowledged and followed the law of God and feared him, zqtx would live in shame of his beliefs instead of spouting them ignorantly and incoherently.

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