Which Christian are you?

The video below depicts two diametrically opposed visions on evangelism.  If you’re a professing Christian I’m curious as to which people in the video you  most identify with: the “soap box preacher” or the missionaries.  Which vision is most effective in spreading the Christian message and why do you think that?


  1. TerranceH says:

    I think the guy is adversarial. I agree with the black guy.

  2. The guy was NOT adversarial – he was only challenging them in their idea of what missionaries are.

    I don’t agree with either of their methods, but the man who is actually preaching is more effective it getting the Word out. These kids are just on vacation and have no idea what it is like to be a real missionary.

  3. TerranceH says:

    To be a Christian in the modern world requires situational awareness. These days, people preaching on soapboxes are laughed at and mocked. It’s much too easy to ignore someone like that.

    However, if you’re out and about enjoying the town, sparking up conversations with people, being kind, showing them love, you can lead into talks about your faith. That is certainly more effective than making a scene in public, like the hypocrites love to do.

    • T

      I agree. However these kids admitted they had not and did not plan to strike up conversations about Jesus. Their idea of sharing Gods love was to walk around being joyful and happy which they thought people interpreted as the love of God.

      • TerranceH says:

        In that case, then neither is effective.

        • T

          Keep in mind I’m not asking which way is most effective for creating conversions. I’m asking which is more effective in getting the Christian message out.

          • TerranceH says:

            Neither. One isn’t making an effort and the other is, I think, imposing. It reminds me of those people who wave signs, “The End Is Near.” Nobody pays attention to that kind of stuff anymore. People like that may at one time been respected, but now they’re punchlines.

            The best way to get the message out is to show people. Don’t tell it, show it.

    • I think the guy with the mic is imposing on people, however I personally witness a guy doing this without a microphone all during the summer across the street where we have our non-intrusive book ministry, and he ends up with outstanding conversations about the faith and has been the cause of not a few young people beginning to attend the local church down there. It isn’t my cup of tea because I’m uncomfortable with that method, but I have seen it work great.

      BUT, there is something to be said for situational awareness – i.e., knowing the culture around you and whether your method will be effective. We don’t know the whole story about what the guy in the video does or how effective he is.

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