How do we know what is and is not a right?

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  1. One may argue that contracts made between two consenting adults, when that contract does not infringe on anyone else’s rights, is a natural right and cannot be infringed upon by the Government.

    No one is saying that your church has to condone it – just that the Government has to recognize such a legal formation and not discriminate against it.

    Just a thought.

    • But haven’t we seen where with sanctioning same sex marriage comes with the suppression of religious expression? I’m thinking immediately of the florist and photographer who was fined and sued for not participating. As same sex marriage becomes the law universally you will see churches being required to perform the ceremonies else be penalized somehow.

      • I think that as same-sex marriage becomes legal contracts will have to be adjusted by wedding vendors and their suppliers. Suppliers can agree to participate or not participate in same-sex marriages based on their contract agreement (I wonder how this will affect them in the marketplace?)

        I think non-religious venues may be forced to participate, but religious organizations should never be legally forced or penalized to perform these ceremonies. There exemption is protected by the constitution.

        • If it has a negative effect in the market place then they will have to determine which is more important to them. I even support businesses and landlords who want to discriminate for whatever reason because the market place will eventually weed that out. Remember the Woolworths lunch counter and bus company who discriminated changed their policies not because of the force of law, but because of the force of the public outcry.

          Unfortunately I think homosexuality is far too sacred to the political left for them to allow religious institutions or private businesses to refuse service based on conscience. In their world one must participate…or else.

  2. Same-sex marriage is a fake marriage and should never, ever be given state sanction. The activists fight for it as a way to destroy the institution of marriage – and they have stated this as the reason over and over again, and yet no one seems to wake up to this reality.

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