RGIII speaks on political correctness and nails it in less than 140 characters

Naturally, the left doesn’t appreciate the wisdom.


  1. paynehollow says:

    “Tyranny…”? Hyperbole, much?

    But I’ll be sure to let the slaves and Holocaust victims that they’re in good company, because people have questioned the political correct-ness of actions, that’s definitely comparable to US slavery and the Nazi Holocaust.

    ~from Dan Trabue

  2. Dan – let’s be realistic, political correctness these days is not saying anything that might slightly upset anyone. Political correctness has a great social stigma about it; make it bad to be politically incorrect (e.g. being pro-nazi or pro-slavery, both things I agree were not and are not right,) and then slowly change the definition of political correctness to include so much more (e.g. “He opposes killing the unborn? Women hater!”) Actually, a fairly accurate defintion of political correctness is “anything that agrees with left-wing politics.”

    But you already knew that, didn’t you ;) – it makes it so much easier to censor political thought by implying everyone you don’t agree with is pro-nazi doesn’t it? I should probably learn to not feed the trolls :)

  3. ““Tyranny…”? Hyperbole, much?”

    Once again we see Dan claiming the authority to dictate just how narrow a definition should be. At the same time, however, I know many blacks, if not most, are greatly insulted by the homosexual agenda being portrayed as a civil rights issue. Kinda makes Dan’s comment ironic, doesn’t it?

  4. And BTW, our founders feared a “tyranny of the majority” when they opted for a republic over a democracy. So use of the term “tyranny” isn’t out of line for RGIII. With political correctness and leftist whining, we now have a “tyranny of the minority”.

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