Richard Dawkins voted world’s top thinker

Yes, the man who posits that it’s more probable that aliens, who evolved in a Darwinian fashion seeded the Earth with living organisms which also evolved in a Darwinian fashion, was voted the world’s top thinker.


That’s right, the same one who advises fellow Atheists to respond to the religious with contemptuous mockery and ridicule while himself avoids and backs out of debates.


I’m at a bit of a loss.  The mind that produced The God Delusion which was comical in its “reasoning” wins the world’s top thinker?  Then again, Paul Krugman made the list. I wonder who got to vote.


  1. Perhaps they meant the “World’s Top Imaginative Thinker”

  2. It’s a well known fact that he asserts his opinion to be 99% correct because if he asserts 100% then he’s implying omniscience which is what he’s trying to disprove.

  3. I don’t find Richard Dawkins especially intelligent.

  4. The man may or may not be a good biologist, but as a philosopher, he’s as dumb as a post.

    • That’s exactly it Kunoichi, he is trying to make a place for himself outside his specialty and doesn’t have the personal humility to take correction.

  5. Maybe it just means he does a lot of it. Thinking, that is. The thoughts might not have to be brilliant in order to earn the title. A possibility. He’s certainly not brilliant.

  6. I think this is a little strange whether you like Dawkins or not. There are physicist out there literally discovering new particles and biologist curing cancer and aids. I feel like those people are a little more “top thinker” material than an outspoken atheist.

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