Pew Research releases every so often a poll of what Americans consider priorities for the country.

1-24-13-1Here’s what I would find amusing if it weren’t so sad: In the president’s first term, his policies weakened the economy, weakened the job situation (for every job created, more than 20 people went on food stamps, for example), Social Security is still in shambles on the verge of becoming a collapsed Ponzi scheme along with medicare, healthcare costs are projected to be unaffordable, taxes have been raised on 77% of Americans and yet a good many people — in the media especially — ignore these short comings.

I agree with most Americans on these issues being priorities.  But instead, what does our government focus on?  Global warming, gun control, and illegal immagration — some of the lowest issues Americans see as a priority for our elected leaders.  How much more backwards can that get?


  1. John,
    I was reading someones blog post on smokescreens a while back and this is a great example. We are on the brink of going back into recession, the unemployment rate is still not great, food stamp numbers are appalling, there has been no budget for almost 4 years, trillion dollar a year deficits, etc. But, what we hear from the P-BO camp is gun control, the environment, abortion, immigration, yada yada yada. Or we get some version of it’s all Bush’s fault. I firmly believe that we’ll be able to get through 8 years of P-BO without him ever bearing any responsibility for the state of the economy.

    As long as they have these convenient smoke screens, it’s pretty easy to divert the low information voters from the big issues. You know, the ones people are actually concerned about.

    BTW, any chance you’ll do a post on the Dr. (Ben Carson I think) who did such a nice job of laying out some nice options at the prayer breakfast?

  2. Obama’s whole ploy is “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

  3. Perhaps we should refer to him as the great and mighty OzBama. ;)

  4. Speaking of polls, I watched just enough of Meet The Press the other day to hear David Gregory mention an NBC Poll to Eric Cantor. It showed that a majority of Americans believe abortion should be “legal in all or most cases,” that a majority of Americans support a “path to citizenship” for illegal immigrants, and a few other leftwing beliefs.

    David Gregory then said to Cantor, “So, isn’t it the core beliefs of the Republican Party that’s costing elections?” (I’m paraphrasing.)

    David Gregory is a sniveling little weasel. Every time same-sex marriage was put on the ballot (with the exception of one state this past election), the people voted against it. But that didn’t stop Democrats from making it a part of their platform.

    And though most Americans have always been against “partial-birth abortion,” President Clinton vetoed a ban in 1997. And when it was finally passed in 2003, 137 Democrats opposed it…

    So if the core beliefs of Democrats – sexual perversions and killing near-born babies – hasn’t affected their electoral success, why would it affect Republicans?

    Because of people like David Gregory. They’re totally bias. The way they frame things. What they report on. The way they sugarcoat Obama’s failures. Etc.

    So this comes as no surprise, John. The media is going to make an issue out of whatever Obama and the Democrats want. If they want to talk about gun-control, we’re talking about gun-control.

  5. John,

    I read the link and it says “And since the start of the depression in December 2007”.
    Obama reached presidency at the start of 2009. How could it be that his policies caused the depression the year before?

  6. Glenn.

    So the ones who control the congress, control the policies.
    What happens when one control the House of Representatives and other the Senate?

  7. Excuse me, but is the smoke getting thick in here?

    I guess since OzBama was present in the Senate in 2007, that it seems reasonable for him to bear at least some responsibility for the spending that took place during that period. Obviously, no one on the left is going to believe that he has any responsibility for any economic failures since 2009.

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