Giving at the office

Liberals are always quite generous with other people's money. So much so that we now have a near irreversible entitlement 'where's my stuff?' society.  With nearly 50% of the country paying no federal income taxes, the takers have become complacent with expecting their hand-out. One of aspect of … [Read more...]

Lesson in elections, TEA party I'm looking at you!

From CNN -- "Democrat Kathy Hochul swept to victory Tuesday night in a closely watched Congressional election in New York state, which turned into a proxy battle on a House Republican proposal on Medicare. [...]  Democrats claimed the victory "had far reaching consequences around the country" over … [Read more...]

Florida punishing the poor?

From the fine folks at the ACLU comes more nonsense about institutionalized marginalization of low-income families. The state of Florida is considering legislation allowing the government to drug test applicants of state welfare programs.  Of course the ACLU interprets this as a punishment of some … [Read more...]

CT on the verge of passing paid sick leave bill

Senate Bill 913 narrowly passed a vote making Connecticut one step closer to becoming the first state to force employers to furnish their employees with paid sick leave.  The law would require businesses with 50 or more employees to add to the list of benefits 1 hour of earned sick leave for every … [Read more...]

Corperations do not pay taxes

President Obama is still pushing to end the nearly $4 billion in tax breaks for the oil and gasoline companies.  ""These tax giveaways aren't right," says Obama, "They aren't smart. And we need to end them."  Now, either Obama is economically inept, or he thinks the American public is. Business do … [Read more...]

Some billionaires ok with higher tax rates

According to The Daily Beast, some of America's well-known billionaires would be just fine if their tax liability were increased. Aside from Zuckerberg, several other prominent billionaires and wealthy Americans have spoken out in favor of greater taxation, characterizing their support as a … [Read more...]

Let's redistribute your GPA UC Merced students are confronted with the idea of over-taxing the wealthy in a scenario they can relate with: their grade point average. Some students work and study harder than others which earns them better grades. So when … [Read more...]

Raise taxes! (we don't pay them anyway)

I'm surprised a study of this kind, though informal, has taken this long.  Then again, not really, most media outlets are not chomping at the bit to besmirch the names of a certain political party.  The Daily Beast, has devised a system to rank the number and severity of tax-cheating politicians.  … [Read more...]

Tax and complain

President Obama had campaigned on higher taxes for the wealthy, and now he may make good on that promise.  Politicians like Obama have demonized the wealthy in this country ever since they realized they could get votes for it. Of course, as taxes for the wealthiest rise, the wealthy will relocate … [Read more...]

Pay Up!

Politicians, when campaigning, routinely promise to make the wealthy pay their "fair share" when it comes to taxes.  This assumes at least two things, 1) that the wealthy do not already pay their "fair share", and 2) someone else is paying more than their justified burden.  This concept is … [Read more...]