Who is at fault for the shutdown?

What has been forgotten in all this shutdown talk is why there there can even be a shutdown in the first place: there’s no official budget in place.

The President has had his budget blueprint unanimously voted down not once, but twice.  Not a single Democrat would even put their name on his plan.  Add to that the U.S. Senate led by Democrat Harry Reid (Nevada) has refused to pass a budget despite the Republican led House of Representatives has passed multiple budgets which Majority Leader Reid refuses to allow to be voted on by the Senate.

This political foot-stomping has resulted in funding the government through continuing resolutions, unofficial budgets.

Had the Senate passed a budget, or the President submitted one which isn’t so bad that even Democrats refuse to be on the record supporting it, we wouldn’t even be going through this right now.

And that’s enough about the shutdown.


  1. I think I’ve heard this somewhere else at this blog. ;)

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