What can I say?

Every once in a while I hit a wall.  Now is one of those times.  I’m finding little inspiration for topics.  You’d think with all that’s in the news, there’d be plenty for me opine on.  But alas, I’m dry.

I’m looking for ideas for topics, or particular issues about which to write.  So help a guy out and tell me what you all would like to discuss.


  1. I would love to hear your plan for diagnosing and repairing China’s Jade Rabbit lunar buggy!

    Or who you are picking to medal in men’s hockey….

    • I havent been following mens hockey just yet, im still giving all my attention to curling. But looking at the rosters, I dont expect the US men’s team to medal higher tham bronze with Canada or Russia taking gold.

  2. My guess is Canada takes Gold, Finland takes Silver, and Sweeden takes Bronze. I’m hoping the U.S.A. can get in their, too. They looked good against Slovakia. Russia?I hope Russia finishes last.

  3. I’m kinda suffering from the same problem. However, it isn’t so much a lack of topics, as it is a lack of time, and thus motivation and energy to focus on one in a manner that will produce an acceptable post. Lately, what little I’ve done is related to the ongoing debate of SSM and the Agenda That Doesn’t Exist. It isn’t so much that I wish my blog to become centered on that debate, but with Yahoo’s “something ‘gay’ every day” policy featured headlines, the Sam issue and the never ending deceit based support by certain blog opponents, this issue seems to be too ever present. And it is present in a manner that it reflects the increasing descent of our national moral character. In short, there is always something going on in the news about this issue that requires constant reminders of what the truth really is as regards this disorder, that I’m compelled to respond to the never ending barrage of falsehoods spewed by activists and their enablers. My recent entry has generated quite a few comments and that, too, has taken up some of what little time I have for other topics. But I’m trying to force myself.

    As to suggestions, foreign policy failures of the Obama administration is one I would like to cover myself. OR, you could give a nod to the requests by some here for your take on “corporate welfare”. This request arises with every post you’ve done on the causes of poverty. Term limits is another topic I hope to cover soon. So there’s three for ya.

    However, taking a break isn’t a bad idea. Sometimes the desire wanes. It’s OK.

  4. Any thoughts about how the proposed minimum wage increase will raise wages for those making more than minimum wage. For example if minimum wage goes to $10/hr how would you justify paying a new hire $10/hr while a long time employee might only be making $9.50/hr.

    How about the lack of young healthy folks signing up for P-BO care to make the finances work.

    Or the Oregon exchange website debacle.

  5. Craig,


    If Minimum Wage is $10/hr, then everyone should be making at least $10/hr – right?

    • I think he means when it goes to 10, everyone making more than min wage, but less than 10, will also have to get raises to even more than the min. So those now making 9 should go up to 11 or 12 in relation to what tjey were making compared to min wage. But likely theyll just go to the min. So someone who was making more than min wage will now be making min wage, stats will then show how so many more people are making the min, a travesty!

  6. John,

    Bingo, I work part time at a home improvement chain, which currently starts it’s employees at higher than minimum wage, but lower than the planned $10.10/hr. If the minimum wage goes to $10.10 then it you have a situation where a new hire is making more than an employee who has been there for an extended period of time. To me, it seems as though the only option an employer has is to increase the wages of the remaining employees . It seems as though this would have a significant ripple effect throughout the economy, with at least one ripple being hiring fewer workers and cutting hours.

    Personally, I’d be thrilled with the extra $2-2.50/hr I’d likely get.

    • Craig

      Not so fast. Obamas proposed increase would only effect contractors with federal contracts. And even then it wouldnt effect current contracts only new ones. And even still it would only effect an estimated couple hundred thousand employees.

      Sorry, its not a unilateral raise.

  7. Interesting, since you wouldn’t get that from the coverage.

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