Death in the family

If you one who is inclined to pray, please do so for my wife and our family. Her grandmother, 98, passed peacefully last night at the hospital. Graciously, her family was with her when she breathed her last. If you are one who is not inclined to pray, please keep us in your thoughts. If you are a … [Read more...]

Sunday Fun — Family Reunions

Yesterday kicked of the inaugural Barron family reunion.  It was a great time.  This was an opportunity to meet family from all over the country: California, Florida, Massachusetts, and New York, some of whom I haven't seen since early childhood, or at all. My family has deep roots in Connecticut … [Read more...]

Shameless self-promotion: Vote for me!

An online newspaper for one of the local towns in my area is holding a contest for the best photo from the fireworks.  The winner gets lunch for two at a local restaurant.  Photo number 1 is my wife's photo.  (LINK HERE) Voting ends todaybat noon. Just puttin' it out there... draw your own … [Read more...]

Sunday fun — Travel stories

I have been commissioned to fly to Tennessee in order to drive my grandmother back home. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity for some much needed father / daughter time with my oldest whom just turned 13 this week. Because she has never flown it was going to make for a small adventure, … [Read more...]

Dialect Survey — Do you call it “soda” or “pop”?

Apparently there are several different ways to say the same word or refer to the same idea.  HERE is an interactive map to see what parts of the country refer to sugared carbonated beverages as soda or pop (by the way, it is correctly called soda).  Among some other interesting things on the list … [Read more...]

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Everyone, including myself, is susceptible to selfishness.  When holidays arrive, we are prone to not really appreciating why we should even have the holiday in the first place.  Why do we celebrate Memorial day?  Because people much more brave than ourselves had knowingly risked -- and subsequently … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day

I'd like to wish all the hard working mothers out there a wonderful Mother's Day.  Here are a few vintage aimed at good ol' mom from back in the day, enjoy! … [Read more...]