Open Thread — Google vs. Bing Memorial Day tribute

Via The Looking Spoon --   Does this matter at all to you?  Do you believe a corporation's degree of tribute to certain holidays or social causes sway you toward or away from them? … [Read more...]

This is Memorial Day

Whenever I reflect on my life's regrets, there is always the same one at the top of the list.  It's also probably the only thing which isn't frivolous in nature.  I regret not joining the military when I had the opportunity.  The sad part is there wasn't just a single opportunity, I could have … [Read more...]

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Everyone, including myself, is susceptible to selfishness.  When holidays arrive, we are prone to not really appreciating why we should even have the holiday in the first place.  Why do we celebrate Memorial day?  Because people much more brave than ourselves had knowingly risked -- and subsequently … [Read more...]