This dog needs a name, vote Now– She arrives tomorrow


This will be our new dog; she arrives on January 2. She is a rescue from Tennessee.  The two names it has been narrowed down to are Noodle and Lady.  Be sure to vote!


  1. Mut.

  2. Dolly

  3. Good looking dog, by the way!

  4. How about…Koira?

  5. My wife suggests “Daisy” – and she thinks the dog is cute.

  6. Yes, that’s more or less how it’s pronounced. It’s the Finnish word for ‘dog.’ I think it would make a very pretty name for a female dog. You could make it sound true to its native language by adding a little roll to the ‘r’ and shortening the ‘a’ a bit, or you could “English-ify” it by pronouncing it the way it looks, whichever you prefer.

  7. paynehollow says:

    Cute dog. I like Daisy. Every time you take her out you could be Walking Miss Daisy…


  8. Zoey.






  9. If you watch the dog after you get her, you’ll think of a name. You have to see it personality.

  10. She gorgeous. Can’t offer a name, though; requires meeting her first.

    • Thanks John! We pick her up on Jan 2, thats why I want a few ideas to choose from. I camt wait.

      • Good man. We have five rescues; each and every one a character. I’m Australian but living in Brazil and sadly the amount of dumped animals here is beyond depressing. I’ve seriously lost count of how many cats and dogs we’ve gotten off the streets, got fixed up, nursed back to health then adopted out.

  11. Noodle just sounds like lots of fun!

  12. “Lady” is bland, common, generic. “Noodle” will be unique and not scare older women on the streets while you yell at your dog.

    BTW, I recently got banned on a Progressive Christian site for speaking out against Islam. I thought you’d be proud of me — I just posted on it.

  13. As a distinction or term, “Lady” is quite unspectacular. But as an actual name? It’s peculiar, interesting, and memorable.

    “Noodle,” however, is quite absurd in that it doesn’t roll off the tongue very well. Imagine being intensely inebriated and having to holler at the pup for licking your face, jumping on the furniture, or defecating on the neighbors steps. You’d sound like you were having a stroke.

    • That’s what I like about Noodle. Its silly, playful, and I think cute. And thinking about being really angry and yelling at a dog named Noodle, or Snickerdoodle, or Skittles, is enough to make you not mad anymore. I’m OK with Lady, it’s a bit pedestrian. But I havent heard any other suggestions that struck me.

  14. How ’bout “Duchess, The Dog With More To Offer”?

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