UPDATE: New Year’s Resolutions! February

This is the monthly update to my New Year’s resolution post which can be found HERE.  My wife and I are what you might call practical extreme couponers.  We don’t get 100 toothpaste coupons and clear out a store.  But we do coupon everything.  We save at least 50% on our groceries, and even more when it comes to personal needs like toiletries and clothing.

This year we will catalog every receipt, promotion, and freebie, as well as all money we find on the ground.  It’s exciting to see exactly how much money we are saving throughout the year.  Below is a screenshot of the spreadsheet for February’s savings: $1308.95

savings audit feb

It’s important to note that my wife spends only about a half hour coordinating sales with coupons, getting them clipped, and making the lists.  It’s not the time consuming task most people think it is.

As always, I welcome any questions as to how we are able to save so much.

Any Thoughts?

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