Does my Christian bias get in the way?

I suppose it all depends on who you ask.  Many skeptics would suggest it's true, that I wouldn't be able to objectively assess arguments critical against Christianity (not that I've been offered any).  On the other hand, I would suggest it wouldn't.  Of course, most people likely don't think they're … [Read more...]

We need honesty in the abortion debate

Abortion. Never in the history of the nation has such an egregious violation of human rights been codified by law. Not even slavery or Indian removal policies compare to the 50 million unborn children snuffed out of existence by activist judges and their abortionist pimps. It's not all driven by … [Read more...]

Minimum wage hike more political than economic

Clothing retailer GAP which is also the parent corporation who owns Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime, Athleta, and Intermix has announced that it will raise the minimum wage it pays employees to $9 in 2014 and $10 in 2015.  That's great!  However, the notoriously Progressive website Think … [Read more...]

A challenge from Atheists…to me

As a Christian defender of the faith I often hear -- and I do mean often -- 'well, you don't believe in all these other gods x y z, well, you can't prove they don't exist so don't as us Atheists to prove your God doesn't exist'.  OK, fine.  I'd like some of my skeptic followers and commenters to to … [Read more...]

Arizona’s SB1062 is anti-gay…except it isn’t

Please someone copy and paste the text of the bill that some are labeling "Jim Crow laws for gays".  I'm not seeing it. Words struck out is wording being removed from the original bill, and the all capitalized words is newly inserted language. 1 Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of … [Read more...]

Selective obfuscation and the definition of ‘atheism’

In a previous post, I attempted to highlight the tendency for self-identified Atheists to muddy language in a way that doesn't truly represent what it is they actually believe about God, i.e., that God does not exist.  I am no stranger to the insistence of Atheists to use what they consider a proper … [Read more...]

Sunday Round-Up

Christine O’Donnell: I was a victim of the IRS Tea Party Queen, Christine O'Donnell, a victim of the IRS, she says. Is this believable? Consider. On March 9, 2010, around 10 a.m., I announced my plans to run for senate representing Delaware. Later that same day, my office received a call from … [Read more...]

Income inequality worst in Democrat led cities

The Brookings Institute released a study on income inequality finding that it is worst in large cities, which also are and have been ruled by Democrat policies for decades.  The subject of income inequality is a propaganda political issue to begin with.  It is rooted in jealousy and envy.  It pits … [Read more...]

Can I object to same-sex marriage and not be a bigot?

I ask this in all seriousness.  Like everyone else, I have members of my family who identify as gay or lesbian.  I work with homosexuals.  And I have homosexuals who I consider friends.  Save for my co-workers, all the gay people in my life know my religious convictions and political views.  None of … [Read more...]

Why conclude Atheism?

It has always been a curiosity to me at how wedded to the label Atheist some Atheists are.  What I mean is, the large majority of self-described Atheists I've interacted with are actually agnostic by definition.  In fact, often they are vehemently opposed to being described as an Agnostic even … [Read more...]

Craziness: Sex Robots

I saw something on television last night that truly exemplifies everything wrong with our modern culture. It was disgusting, somewhat hilarious, but mostly sad. People desperately building robots with which to have sex... Yes. That's right. People are designing robots that look human, sound … [Read more...]

Chilling Interview With Abortion Nurse

Planned Parenthood is back in the news again. Okay, not the “mainstream” news, I admit. But what else is new? The “mainstream media” isn't about to pillory a statement of unfettered liberalism, so we rely on other sources – LifeSiteNews, LiveAction, LifeNews – to learn of Planned Parenthood's … [Read more...]

If there’s so much real hate out there, why make it up?

The most recent in a long line of hate crime/anti-gay hoaxes was uncovered recently.  Granted it was done by a couple DJs attempting to "create a discussion".  But there is a trend afoot where certain members of particular minority groups are staging incidents of anti-gay hate perpetrated by, of … [Read more...]

Sunday Round-Up

Eleanor Roosevelt is top U.S. first lady, survey says Okay, I'll buy that. But note this tidbit: Eleanor Roosevelt was named the greatest first lady of the United States in a survey of historians released on Saturday, while Michelle Obama, in fifth place, edged out Hillary Clinton in … [Read more...]

What can I say?

Every once in a while I hit a wall.  Now is one of those times.  I'm finding little inspiration for topics.  You'd think with all that's in the news, there'd be plenty for me opine on.  But alas, I'm dry. I'm looking for ideas for topics, or particular issues about which to write.  So help a guy … [Read more...]

Have you ever doubted your convictions?

Having been writing this blog for so long, and coming into contact with so many people who question and challenge my beliefs, I sometimes do an "audit" so to speak, to gauge the strength of my conviction that Christianity is true.  Whether such an exercise has any substantial benefit, I'm not sure.  … [Read more...]

Washington halts the death penalty, but should it?

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington state has enacted a moratorium on capital punishment.  Anti-capital punishment activists are relishing the success and death row inmates are resting a little easier knowing they'll never meet the fate they imperiled upon their victims.  What purpose does a political … [Read more...]

We don’t need to know about your sex life

Missouri defensive end Michael Sam made headlines by announcing he is gay.  He is not alone.  There seems to be a trend for athletes to publicly proclaim their homosexuality.  Figure skater Brian Boitano and basketball player Jason Collins preceded Sam in "coming out".  Of course, these … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood settles for killing woman during abortion

Abortion rights advocates don't think twice about using women who they believe die because of restrictive abortion laws as props for their campaign to make abortion as accessible as bubblegum.  What's kept hush hush, however, is the women who die because of an abortion procedure.  Women like Tonya … [Read more...]

On the lighter side: Lisa Is A Slut McIntire

Recently a woman received an advertisement which misspelled her middle name, to put it politely. Well, being a mail carrier, I've come across some unusually addressed mail.  I still remember a dental reminder to a Mr. Harry Bahls.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the foresight to snap a pic. … [Read more...]