Before championing a living wage, you must address this

I hear a lot of demand for a living wage. Usually as campaign season is coming into swing. The discussion is always steered away from the most important questions. When discussing people "only" make minimum wage, we don't we ask why a minimum wage job is the only kind of job an able bodied adult is … [Read more...]

Minimum wage hike more political than economic

Clothing retailer GAP which is also the parent corporation who owns Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime, Athleta, and Intermix has announced that it will raise the minimum wage it pays employees to $9 in 2014 and $10 in 2015.  That's great!  However, the notoriously Progressive website Think … [Read more...]

The demographics of minimum wage workers

When the subject of the minimum wage does come up, we are told of all the people who try to support their families on such low wages.  Just recently, McDonald's was criticized for publishing a budget chart for their employees that included a second job.  What isn't mentioned by the critics of the … [Read more...]