Before championing a living wage, you must address this

I hear a lot of demand for a living wage. Usually as campaign season is coming into swing. The discussion is always steered away from the most important questions.

When discussing people “only” make minimum wage, we don’t we ask why a minimum wage job is the only kind of job an able bodied adult is qualified to do, especially if they’re trying to raise a family and run a household?

Why are we blurring the line between the work and the worker? Put another way, the wages offered are to perform a particular task, it’s not a value judgement on the person.

Given that this issue is merely a political football and not about economics in the least, shouldn’t we ask and answer many questions like this? Or are we just supposed to accept without question that the worker’s lifestyle needs to be funded by their employer without considering the work being performed?


  1. Living wage, social justice, income equality, they’re all definitionless footballs that are constantly dredged up from the emotional swamp of human depravity. But minimum wage is different. The only time it is brought out is when Democrats are not in control of some branch.

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