We can’t just move on, can we?

What is it about moving on that it’s nearly universal to us all?  Whether it’s leaving that job you hate, splitting from a bad relationship, or even abandoning a religious or a-religious set of convictions, people will so often stay put for too long. Some situations are obviously controlled by other factors.  Ending a marriage, even for non-religiously committed people is not something to take lightly.  However, sometimes it’s something that needs to.  Abusive spouses, or even those who are unfaithful give their other-half a legitimate reason to walk away with a clear conscience.  Of course it’s more difficult with children.  But even if we’re simply talking about cut and dry examples, people are still hesitant to take the leap. I think we also see this reticence when it comes to religion too.  When someone either becomes disillusioned with their convictions, or even have come to believe their convictions are false, they remain in their community for a long time afterward.  Even Atheists have their own communities even if they’re not organized.  You have been believing something for so long, you just can’t give it up.  People sometimes feel like they’ve invested too much of their life arguing against something, to now embrace it admit to themselves and others they argued with that they were wrong is just too much.  Many people build strong friendships, often times to the degree where everyone feels like family.  But once you realize you should abandon a conviction or set of beliefs, why don’t we?  We’re afraid we’ll lose those we’re most close to. Why are we like this?  We all know, every one of us, that we shouldn’t be afraid to move on… and we all do it.  We offer the same excuses others do, and in others we see them as flimsy excuses.  In fact, if it weren’t us, and instead we were looking in on someone else we could easily identify our own ‘move-on’ situation rather easily.  We all have advice for that person — who isn’t us — and that advice is usually spot on. I don’t know if I’m asking a question here, or simply making an observation.  But given the fact that we’ve all been there, and we’ve all known we should be doing different, we don’t.  And I think that’s strange.

Any Thoughts?

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