Income inequality worst in Democrat led cities

The Brookings Institute released a study on income inequality finding that it is worst in large cities, which also are and have been ruled by Democrat policies for decades.  The subject of income inequality is a propaganda political issue to begin with.  It is rooted in jealousy and envy.  It pits the poor against the rich and blames the rich for the poor being poor.

There was a time in this nation where we looked up to the wealthy, we envied them, but in a good way.  The television show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous is proof.  But now, since politicians on one side of the aisle have discovered that blaming the rich for income inequality can win votes, it’s now an issue that needs to be “fixed”.

However, for all their blustering, the wealth gap is highest in Democrat political strongholds.

income inequality


The cities with the highest “inequality” (kinda invokes mental images of racism and oppression, doesn’t it…probably just a coincidence) are all run by Democrats…for years, the only exception being Miami.  The cities with the lowest “inequality” are run by Republicans or Independents.

Democrat and Progressive political economic policies do not work.  They never have.


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