UPDATE: New Year’s Resolutions!

At the beginning of this year I had resolved to do two things.  First is to pick up every bit of money I find on the ground. Ordinarily, I never pass over ‘silver’ change.  I always stop for nickels, dimes, and quarters but not always pennies.  I decided I would not pass over a single coin.  The second is to chart, to the penny, the amount of money our family saves through couponing, sales, and other means.

My wife and I are what you might call practical extreme couponers.  We don’t get 100 toothpaste coupons and clear out a store.  But we do coupon everything.  We save at least 50% on our groceries, and even more when it comes to personal needs like toiletries and clothing.  This year, our grocery savings alone was more than $4,000.  This year we will catalog every receipt, promotion, and free-be.

For the month of January, our total savings was $618.76.

jan savings

(S&S is Stop & Shop grocery store, Misc includes mostly clothing)

Any questions?

Any Thoughts?

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