The slippery slope: Equal rights for zoophiles

Opposing same-sex marriage and attempts to normalize homosexual relationships by claiming sex with animals will be next is a silly reason.  No one is trying to normalize and secure rights for zoophiles… except they are.

The organization Equality For All is petitioning to have February 1st recognized as international zoophile and bestiality day.  There is a petition on looking for support.

Peaceful Zoophiles and Bestialists the world over are consistently singled out for persecution even when they use no force on the animal(s) whatsoever. We find this to be the epitome of hypocrisy and feel that the time has come to rectify this situation and finally establish true Equality For All!


We believe that in commemoration of this revolutionary act February 1st should be set aside as the ‘International Zoophile-Rights / Bestiality-Rights Day’ (or ‘ZRBR-Day’ for short) to celebrate this fundamental civil-rights issue and serve as a catalyst for enduring change.

The petition is from a year ago and has little support.  However, “equality” for same sex couples for societal acceptance once had sparse support too.  At one time, society was saying the same thing about homosexuality and accepting it as a normal and natural facet of human sexuality.

Notice the language, the terminology, being used by Equality For All.  It is virtually identical, nay, it is identical to the language gay activists use to make their appeals for accepting same sex attraction:

  • Equality for all
  • Fundamental civil-rights
  • Lettered identification ZRBR (LGBT).

Not long ago, Dr. James Cantor of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, argued for pedophilia to be reclassified as a sexual orientation.  He makes his case also after the same fashion as gay activists:

  • It’s something you’re born with
  • You can’t change it
  • It feels natural and have always felt that way
  • Disapproval is degrading, dehumanizing, and makes you a second-class citizen

Many times a slippery slope argument is fallacious.  However, as it pertains to this issue, gay activists have argued their case in a very particular way.  It’s been argued in such a way that any sexual proclivity can make use of their line of reasoning, whereas, dismissing “equal rights” for pedophilia and zoophilia is special pleading.  If the reasons to accept and embrace homosexuality are legitimate, then the same reasons must also be legitimate for pedophilia and zoophilia.


  1. The pro-LGBTQX perverts denied that their movement would legitimize pedophilia, polygamy and more and even feigned righteous indignation that we could say such a thing. Then once they get their rights and it plays out as we predicted, they yawn and say, “So what?” They never really cared, they just pretended to. God-haters who push for “same-sex marriage” and teaching these perversions to children obviously don’t mind lying to advance their cause.

  2. It’s definitely not silly season. This falls under pansexuality. And as I have said before this Texas state rep is an open pansexual ( There might be backlash from the animal rights groups but over all within a few years pansexuality will be the norm.

  3. There might be backlash from the animal rights groups regarding zoophiles to be exact

  4. “If the reasons to accept and embrace homosexuality are legitimate, then the same reasons must also be legitimate for pedophilia and zoophilia”.

    Why “must” they? How do you see that as absolutist as you do? How can you possibly equate the forcing of a child or animal to consenting adults having sex?

    This seems like a monumental leap, no?

    • Nash

      Youre presuming that an 11, 12 or 13 yearold has to be forced. There is a hyper sexualization of children that is creeping in to school curriculum and television. My daughter’s friend has had boyfriends that she was physical with, light petting and kissing, from the time she was 11 years old.

      And a long while back, I dont remember if it was here or on some other site, a zoophile linked me to a site where they claim the animals enjoy the intimacy as well.

  5. As I expect pedophiles’ lawyers to start pointing out any moment, how can a 15 yr. old consent to have sex with another 15 yr. old but not a 20 yr. old or 40 yr. old? if they play the “consent” card they need to show where they favor outlawing all sex among minors.

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