Abortion rate is the lowest since Roe v Wade

abortion rates trendThe rate of abortion, about 17 of every 1000 women in the US, is down 43.4% from its peak in 1980, and nearly as low as the rate following the Supreme Court decision legalizing the commission of abortion.  This is good and bad news.  There’s still more than 1 million abortions committed per year.

I’m not certain how to take these numbers.  The rate is lower, but it doesn’t mean the number of abortions is decreasing.  It could be that the declining rate is merely a statistical byproduct of an increasing overall female population.

Either way, any time numbers decrease when it comes to abortion, it’s a good thing.


  1. Don’t forget, in 1980 many of the baby-boomer women would have been right around the childbearing age. But one would think Guttmacher would take all this into consideration……..

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