Illegal immigration, Abortion, Man’s morality, and Politics

Just a quick few thoughts here.

Who among us have had a defender of elective abortion say “unless you’re willing to adopt the children who’d be aborted, you shouldn’t try to prevent it”. Does the same reasoning apply to the illegal immigration issue? If you support an open border but you’re not willing to adopt the illegal immigrant children, then you shouldn’t oppose closing the border.

There are a few skeptics out there who oppose the idea that God dictates morality. However they don’t seem to hold the same disdain for other people dictating morality. This doesn’t seem to be a more desirable situation given what we’ve seen those in power do to their fellow man.

Too many Christians avoid the political arena. To them, we should just focus on preaching the gospel. But politics actually has a direct effect on preaching the gospel. Look at China and North Korea for example. Politics is exactly the place for Christians to have some focus. First they came for…


  1. Indeed on two counts: those who use that lame argument about abortion need to step up and house illegals in their own homes or shut up.

    those who think religion has no place in politics, usually because of their purposely corrupted notion of what our government is meant to be, have not provided for the culture as beneficial a way as have people of true faith.

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