God and little green men

Whenever it is thought that an Earth – like planet has been discovered, speculation of the presence of life there is also part of the discussion. With the thought of life on other planets comes the ramifications this might have on religion. My experience is that skeptics and Atheists are under the impression that the discovery of life on other planets somehow does something to discredit the bible or the existence of God or the theory of intelligent design. I’m not convinced conclusions of this sort are warranted.

What exactly would the existence of life on other planets mean for religion? Which religious claims would this kind discovery impact? Would it, in your opinion, verify an evolutionary explanation of life?


  1. Doug Tennapel touched on that in his book, Creature Tech http://tennapel.com/comics.html

    Personally, I don’t see any reason why God would restrict himself solely to humans on Earth, nor do I see any reason why He would bother to tell us about it.

    But then, I don’t see any contradiction between Biblical teaching and evolution (not to be confused with Evolutionary Theory, or Darwinism, or neo-Darwinism, etc., which is something else entirely), either.

    • When I use the term evolution here, I’m referring to it as an explanation of the bio – diversity we see and as a sub explanation of the origin of life by accidental and natural process.

  2. mmmike917 says:

    I guess the impact on Christianity would depend on the kind of life that might be found. I think that a discovery of microbial life forms on other planets would be a huge discovery, but would do nothing to refute the clear evidence of design, unless maybe further study of them could demonstrate a clear pathway by which natural, undirected causes could bring about their existence. If, however, we discovered a civilization of complex and intelligent beings capable of abstract thought and language on the order of or even more advanced than our own, it would have more far reaching implications for Christianity, though I don’t think such a thing would necessarily discredit it. It might force us to rethink/refine the impact of the Fall of mankind, or it might force us to rethink/refine our position in the universe. I don’t see how the discovery of other life forms would, or could disprove the existence of God.

    • Why would it force us to consider anything? This is how our “system” is set up. It doesn’t necessarily mean God wouldn’t have other creations with different or similar soteriologies.

      • mmmike917 says:

        My comment was written in haste (I was on my lunch break), so I may have bumbled at accurately communicating my thoughts on this. I don’t think that an alien civilization raises any real problems for Christianity, but we would need to be prepared to explain why to the skeptics who would try to claim that it does.

        P.S. On a related note, I don’t think the concept of a “multiverse” is inherently problematic either. It’s just that there isn’t a shred of evidence to support the notion of a multiverse. The arguments in favor of it are just pitiful attempts to get around the amazing fine-tuning of the universe.

  3. It depends. Maybe the aliens don’t believe in a god because their earth formed in a manner that has a perfect fossil record proving evolution. Or, you can be a Mormon who already believes God created “world’s without end.”

    The problem is how the aliens know if there is it isnt a god.

  4. In my view it would verify that God created hands down. Evolution is an earth-based secular explanation of creation. It’s their creation myth. The numbers are so impossible for evolution to happen once that it’s what gave birth to the idea of panspermia in the first place. The believe in aliens is a necessity to make up for the lack of explanatory that science has for our current evolution account.
    If aliens existed (and I don’t believe in aliens at all) then it would prove that the impossible happened twice. To hit the intelligent life twice is like flipping a coin 500 times and getting heads… to which I would assume something supernatural was happening because our normal life demonstrates that you don’t get those kinds of numbers by flipping a coin.
    So I don’t see how it would change religion at all, but I assume it would be devastating to the unique freak accident of an explanation for scientific naturalism. It’s a wet dream of non believers within fiction and culture that the presence of aliens would somehow demolish the church. The presence of aliens could be spun to confirm an atheistic panspermia, or reinforce a Christian view that God necessarily makes beings.

    • Tennapel– I think you’re right. Every evolutionary biologist seems to think that given a redo even with similar or same environmental conditions, we wouldn’t be here.

      The only criticism I have in your comment is that it wouldn’t be 500 coins. My understanding is that the odds would be more like 5,000,000,000,000 or more. The odds that the universe would permit any life, let alone intelligent complex life falls beyond any plausible probability into the realm of statistically impossible. But somehow we just happened to hit the cosmic jackpot.

      Thanks for your thought, come back soon.

  5. I think this sort of speculation is silly. It won’t happen so why wonder?

    • Lol … so certain!

      • What is so funny about being certain that there are no aliens in outer space? I’m also certain that if you jump off a cliff that gravity will take you to the bottom where you will make a thud.

        • Yes, but this quickly and easily demonstrated. Saying, “I don’t beleive there is other life in the universe” is one thing, I would be very interested what makes you so certain there is no other life in the universe beside here in Earth

          • The life parameters necessary being such that it’s virtually impossible that there is life elsewhere.

            Earth like planets are declared such based pretty much solely on their size and proximity to their star. But there’s too many more things that need to be in place.

            • ….virtually impossible

              Yes, it’s the word ”virtually”, as in, almost but not quite; not absolute that is the real stickler, isn’t it John?
              The little fly in the ointment for you.

              Yes, I know there’s many more things that have to be n place. So, you have a point?

              • Or your use of the word “possibly”?

              • Ah …asinine semantics , John.
                Really, do you not get tired punting this superstitious fertilizer?

                Why do you not have enough integrity to simply state that your world view is built upon faith and that’s it.
                I would accept this gladly but when you lot try to get technical and oh so clever you merely look rather silly.

          • God created the earth for man, and no where else. Pretty simple when you add what John pointed out.

  6. paynehollow says:

    Not that it would matter, but… says who, Glenn?

    I know, I know, YOU say so and you’re “certain of it,” therefore, there’s all the evidence you need. Glenn being certain = fact = God’s Word.

    In Glenn’s mind.


  7. paynehollow says:

    What lies? I asked you a question. You made a remarkable claim – that you “know” God created the earth for man. I simply asked you to back up the claim with some, you know, actual data. But you never do, do you?

    • Troll Trabue,

      I always back up my claims with Scripture, but you do not accept that book as it was written, you translate it yourself to fit YOUR perverted and socialist agenda. You lied when you said I claim anything I say is to be accepted as God’s word. I am not uncertain of my faith at all. I AM certain that you are an unbelieving heretical pagan who blasphemes God on a daily basis.

      It is not ” bullying” or “self-destructive” etc to treat you as the pagan you are. Paul said people like you are to be eternally condemned. There is to be no grace extended to false teachers

      • paynehollow says:

        Well, I love you as my beloved fellow human and brother in Christ just the same. I pray for God’s peace in your heart and wisdom in your brain.


  8. paynehollow says:

    Do you call down curses and use childish names against others because you are that uncertain of your own faith? Does the fact that you never can support your claims (evidenced by the fact that you never do) just make you a little insecure, causing you to lash out the way you do?

    What drives you to behave in these self-destructive, 10-year-old bullying ways, Glenn?

    Embrace a bit of grace, sir, for your own sake.

    God’s peace to you, brother.


  9. Arkenaten

    And your evidence for this, Glenn, is what?

    And your evidence against this is what?

    • Ah … well, firstly, your worldview is based on Scripture and also this assertion. And there is your stumbling point right there.

      You actually need to understand your little religious rag before you make sweeping assertions.

      • Ark,

        All you’ve just done is make an assertion and an insult. I don’t fine that to be any sort of argument.

        • Yes, an assertion. Yet you are adamant, whereas, until proven otherwise, I am perfectly entitled to be skeptical.
          ( as I am about gods – until definitive proof is produced .Up itil now, and based on the evidence so far, every single god claim, irrespective of reilgion, can be summarily dismissed.

          And based on this premise you have no leg to stand on regarding your claim for extra terrestrial life either.

        • Learn to accept the fact that your faith, as with your little religious rag just do NOT cut it in the real world.

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