Liberals & Africa…

Liberals are bizarre creatures. While claiming to represent the oppressed, they fervently support abortion; while claiming to be inclusive and tolerant, they’re notoriously intolerant of views different from their own [1] ; and while claiming to be sophisticated intellectuals with a monopoly on facts, they’re often famously short of both common sense and facts, as is the case with students at Ithaca College in New York.

“The Real Africa: Fight the Stereotype” campaign launched by Ithaca students consists of several photographs with statements intended to break “common” stereotypes. I’ve included many of them below with my own response.

“Africans Do Not All Look Alike.”

No, they don’t. Even so, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Africa is thought of as black. Nearly 90 percent of the populations are people of color! 79 percent are black, 8.5 percent are Mediterranean, 2.5 percent are Asian, and 10 percent are white. [2]

I should think blacks would be proud of this stereotype, especially if Africa were as a “city upon a hill.”

Oh, wait…

“Africa Is Not A Land Filled With Disease.”

Yes, it is.

Infectious disease is far more prevalent in Africa because of shoddy infrastructure, poor nutrition, and substandard medical care. A staggering 345 million Africans are without access to clean water, making waterborne illness one of the leading causes of death. [3]

Furthermore, of the 34 million people worldwide living with HIV, 69% are from Africa! 91% of children living with HIV are from Africa! And more than 1 million people a year die from HIV/AIDS – in Africa! [4]

“I Don’t Speak ‘African’ Because ‘African’ Is Not A Language.” 

Anyone who believes “African” is a language clearly suffers from an extreme case of utter ignorance not solely reserved for the African continent.

“Africans Don’t Need To Be Saved.”

Yes, they do. Africa, by and large, is a war-torn, poverty-stricken cesspool where hundreds of millions lack access to clean water, proper nutrition, and decent medical care.  And if that weren’t enough, millions more are killed in petty genocidal wars and tribal skirmishes. 937,000 died in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide alone! [5]

And I’ll bet the students responsible for this tidbit would scream “racism” if the United States suddenly cut-off all aid to Africa. Yes, yes. We stereotypical Americans give billions.

“Africa Is Not Defined By Poverty.”

No, it’s not. It has disease, genocide, and soccer too!

“Africa Is Not A County.”

Like I said, ignorance not solely reserved for the continent of Africa.

“Africans Are Not Primitive Or Backwards.”

Yes, many of them are, as previously noted.

“African Women Have Fought As Many Battles As Men.” & “African Women Are Active Participants In Their Own History.”

I’m not sure either of these are in dispute.

“Africa Existed Before Colonialism.”

Indeed! As early as the 8th Century, African tribal leaders were selling their own people into slavery in the Mediterranean! They were helping expand the colonial interests of others!

Ugh. I’m bothered by this campaign because it serves only to exacerbate problems as it denies their existence. No, not all of Africa is diseased, at war, or poverty-stricken. But these problems affect more than a third of the continent and overshadow those things which make Africa an amazing place. It’s diversity of animal life, intriguing cultures, and beautiful landscapes are easily dismissed in light of all the suffering – and it shouldn’t be that way. And perhaps it wouldn’t if people would put half as much effort into helping solve problems as they do denying them. Shame on the students of Ithaca College for this farce.



  1. I havent yet figured out why liberals feel satisfied with simply bringing awareness to something. Theres too much concern with not offending, they rarely see the reality of a problem and deal with the problem. Instead they seek to first make peiple comfortable in their problem, then seek to fix it through politically correct avenues rather than the root causes no matter whose feeling it would hurt.

  2. Those people sound like they’ve never been to Africa. I’ve been to remote parts of it five times and can attest that you are right on all counts.

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