58% of the public unfamiliar with the differences between Islam and other religions

5-7-13 #1

I’m uncertain if the public has been so saturated with the politically correct version of Islam, or if they are simply unfamiliar with the “Religion of Peace‘s” calls to violence that other religions lack.

Now, it’s not that all Muslims are terrorists mind you; just that virtually all terrorists are Muslim.  There is a scarcity of terroristic events perpetrated by non-Muslims though of course they happen.  But this goes beyond the mere demographic of the terrorist.  The difference is — and a significant difference it is — that terrorists of other faiths rarely, if ever, commit their acts of terror because they believe it to be an acceptable practice dictated through their religion’s tenets and holy writ.  When a Christian (or whomever) commits an act of terror, we don’t hear that it was done in the name of Jesus by the authority of the Bible.  Conversely, Allahu Akbar is regularly heard bellowed from the mouths of Muslim terrorists citing the Qur’an as their justification.  Hmmm…


  1. This just demonstrates the very, very poor educational system in the USA, and the left-wing propaganda of the media.

    • Well you saw how fiercely the MSM held off on calling the Boston bombers Muslims. More tragically, after it came out that they were Muslim, and done because of Islam the media responded with “who cares why they did it” as though that would have been the reply if it were the white right-wing gun fanatic they hoped it was.

  2. Most religious and non-religious people don’t know the fundamentals of all the religions to see how contradictory they really are and grasp their true characteristics and their answers on origin, meaning, morality and destiny. Post modernism advocates a shallow understanding of only “charity”, “peace” and “equality”

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