God doesn’t exist because of tides… or something

The intellectual high ground:

smart atheist

The other day someone asked me seriously what I believe in. I’ve always been very critical of all religions and never taken them serious even when I was a kid forced to go to church. So I’m opening this up for all of you. Here’s what I believe:

All religion is bullshit, most followers are hypocritical in the way they live and think. Just like the Catholics that hold up posters saying God hates fags, I’m pretty sure the Jesus way would be loving everyone. I believe in stuff that we can prove. For example the tides, we know how the tides work and why they happen therefore I believe in tides. Religion is man made and everything man made is flawed. However, does that necessarily mean there is no God? At times I believe there is, and there are many more times I feel as if there is not. So I guess me believing science, if I can not prove 100% that there is no God I can not say he/she doesn’t exist. But I know one thing’s for sure I rather listen to a scientist than a virgin man in a white robe reading from the book of fairy tales.

Just had to rant a bit, Have a nice day!

jesus face palm


  1. The guy is so ignorant that he claims it is Catholics holding the sign. Anyone reading just a wee bit of news knows that Westboro Baptist in Topeka is not Catholic. The errors in his understanding of “religion” – and Christianity in general – just adds to my first impression as to his ignorance. His “god” is science – so-called.

  2. That’s right, the Westboro folks are Baptists. They’re also Democrats. Oh wait, isn’t Dan a Baptist and a Democrat? Coincidence?

  3. And the Westboro folks are not Christian – they are a cult!

  4. god is a imaginary friend that churhes get people to believe in to keep order nothing more nothing less,

    • Isaac

      What order needs to be kept? I suppose you might be talking about centuries back, but even then the civil laws were absolutely brutal. Why would someone need to invent God for that when the threat of decapitation would work as well?? In other words, how do you know your statement is true? What evidence do you have to make this claim?

      This is all not to mention that you presume God doesn’t exist then offer a reason for that. You must first show that God doesn’t exist in order to explain why people mistakenly think He does.

  5. Read this out to my family. My husband’s first response: “Does he believe in education?”


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