The (A) theist Podcast

I'm currently contributing to a weekly podcast, The (A) theist Podcast.  Its focus isn't atheism as the title might suggest, but more so religious and spiritual in general. I'm the resident Christian with the other hosts who are Atheists. It's only in the third episode, which you can find … [Read more...]

Hyper-spirituality and self-deification

I know many spiritual people, most of you do.  You know the ones, "spiritual...but not really religious".  Most of the ones I know were borne out of a feelings-oriented Christian church, the kind where how you feel is more valuable that if what you feel is true. I actually have the most difficult … [Read more...]

Do all religions lead to God?

I know not everyone who holds to one form of theism or another believes that all religions are simply different paths to the same God, or deity, or higher power et al, but some do. In my experience these people consider themselves to be highly spiritual.  To these people I ask: How do you know this … [Read more...]