The (A) theist Podcast

I’m currently contributing to a weekly podcast, The (A) theist Podcast.  Its focus isn’t atheism as the title might suggest, but more so religious and spiritual in general. I’m the resident Christian with the other hosts who are Atheists. It’s only in the third episode, which you can find HERE.

This most current episode flows a bit better that the previous, but we’re still in our beginings. As always, questions, comments, and ideas are welcome and encouraged.


  1. Just got done listening to the podcast linked above. I thought you availed yourself quite well. It helped that the host created an atmosphere of respect and civility, whilst allowing a few friendly jabs here and there. I hope to listen in in the future.

    As to this “episode”, I have one small issue with which I think would have been beneficial to insert in the discussion. With regards to the point regarding God being within or outside of time, I don’t think it necessarily holds or follows that if He is outside of time, that there somehow is no point. On a related note, the comments regarding whether or not God is capable of “doing anything”. In both cases, my position is simply one that reflects the vast chasm of difference between God and us. We are nothing like HIm even while having been created in His image and likeness. As such, there is no way of truly knowing the extent of His ability, nor the extent of what He is willing to do at any given time. While He is unlikely, at least by our reckoning, to act illogically, there is no way we can confirm this. While it may seem impossible to us to create a round square, or smell a number, there is no way we can confirm that such is not possible for God. We are limited by our knowledge, our ability and the very fact that we, unlike God, are merely human.

    I have posited this concept in discussions regarding the debate between young and old earth positions. To me, there is no reason to suspect that God couldn’t have created the entirety of existence in the blink of an eye on a Tuesday afternoon, with the result of such a feat STILL remaining that it appears to us to have taken a bagillion years. I see no point in placing ANY limitations on His power and ability, even to appease non-believers in a discussion such as that in which you participated. It is enough to concern ourselves with what we know from the record of both Scripture and scientific discovery. Speculation is fun and can lead to actual discovery of fact and truth. But until facts and evidence can confirm one way or another, the limitations of the supernatural should never to assumed based on the natural. It, too, is illogical.

    As such, I don’t think the host’s understanding of physics justifies his unwillingness to consider the possibilities of a God existing or operating from outside time and space.

Any Thoughts?

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