The transgender facade

Earlier this week headlines boasting the appointment of the first transgendered white house staffer.  This shouldn’t be a surprise. Personal sexual proclivities are at the fore of our social experience right now. Those who are reluctant to be supportive of these kinds of lifestyles lament the in-your-faceness of the entire enterprise. However, there seems to be a better way to respond to the media saturation of transgenderism than blunt opposition.

Supporters and encouragers of the transgender movement make the normalness of it all a stake in their narrative. They will argue how gender is foundational to who we are. Merely being born physically male doesn’t itself make one “male”. It could be the case that one born male is actually female. Thus the term transgender. So what’s the problem?

In pointing out that someone is transgendered you belie your premise. Here’s what I mean: when there’s a headline admiring the appointment of a transgendered woman to a staff possition, you’re implicitly admitting that the transgendered woman is not a woman. After all, we don’t read headlines about natural women or men being appointed to this position or elected to that office. It’s an admission that they are not women in the same way a biological woman is a woman.

Why is this important? It’s important because the sexuality activists insist that gender identity is not bound by our physical bodies. Thus, according to their arguments, there is no difference of any substance between a biologically born woman and a transgendered woman. If the body is irrelevant to real gender, noting that someone is a transgender woman is akin to saying PIN number, or ATM machine.

Unless you’re making a concerted effort to push an ideology, the mention of being transgendered is moot if the activist’s vision is true. But here’s what I think. Even they know it’s not true. They know it’s merely a facade. Why else would attention need to be poured over them? If they were always a woman, regardless of the body they were born into, their outside change is no different from changing hair colors or styles.

In the end you can hide and deny the obvious. Men are men and women are women. People who are convince they are transgendered need a psychiatrist not a surgeon. Why do we assume the mind is functioning properly and your body is wrong? If your mind is telling you that your normally functioning body is wrong, and in order to feel normal you need to mutilate it, there’s a mind problem, not a body problem.

My favorite example asks this: if your child comes to you pleading that they truly feel, and ever since they remember always have felt like they should have only one arm, would it be loving to aid in its amputation?


  1. Wow! A plethora of new posts! Awesome!

    You make a great point. Use of the term “transgendered” does give away the reality, doesn’t it? You can’t just accept the gender claim put forth by any person who is so described. It is an admission that such a person is actually NOT a woman if the person was born with all the physical attributes and characteristics of a man.

    • Another thing I just realized..the same people who are trans-advocates and champions are more often than not opponents of “gender stereotyping” yet they love it and insist on using the person’s new name. They scoff at those who still call Caitlyn Jenner, Bruce. It seems their two views are at odds. They ought to be critical of Jenner and insist that Bruce is a fine name for a woman.

  2. This whole transgender movement demands consideration. I’m still trying to figure out what is going on. At first I dismissed it as glorified cross dressing but it is certainly more than that. I am concerned about the suicide rate and homelessness among the transgendered teens. I now believe it’s more than glorified cross dressing but I can’t fully grasp how clearly our post modern world is redefining fundamental truths. Once you start with the premise of separating sex and gender, the world then redefines sex. The world says they are focusing on gender but I see them changing the truth of sex. Sex is no longer determined by your chromosome makeup or your sexual organs its now how you look. In some states a transgendered person can have their birth certificate changed. But the birth certificate is truth that cannot be changed. You can’t change your chromosomes from XX to XY or vice versa. I think an amendment certificate makes more sense.

    Your facade word in many ways is accurate. The question is how can we help our transgendered community cope with their very real and painful struggle and yet remain true to the truth.

    • Zanspence, I think the last line in you comment is what’s wrong in the first place. I think helping them cope with the struggle is part of the reason there is such drug abuse, alcoholism, and suicide in that community. They need to learn how to cope with the truth, not their perception of it. It’s bound to drive one to the brink if they are telling themselves something they know isn’t true, while everyone is clapping for them telling them how brave it is.

  3. I believe the LGBT community, which includes their cohorts who have corrupted the psychological industry, have distorted what truth is and how it is measured and recognized. While it might be true that a dude sees himself as a woman, the truth is that he is a dude and his personal battle must be to correct his false self-perception. While we each may see ourselves as one thing, it is rarely what we truly are. And while we are what we are, what we are is rarely what we should be. The point here is that this whole LGBT issue is one of improper focus. That is, they, as well as most of us, focus on the wrong things. This is usually because it is easier to just be the base and carnal creature we are rather than to put in the effort to transcend that to become what we should be.

    And yes, I believe it is no mystery as to what we should be in life.

  4. well if you choose to live that way i have no say about that but what concerns me most is why would a married man go out and start having sex with a fellow man? honestly if youre interested in analsex and your wife is not comfortable with it go out and have it done with a slut than doing it with a man n end up being judged when the truth comes out

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