Cruel Logic — The real consequence of a Godless morality

When discussing the origins of morality, most Atheists are willing to offer evolution as a viable option.  However, I believe it is obvious that the evolutionary process could not have produced moral imparitives.  If there is no afterlife, we should eat, drink, and be merry — for tomorrow we die. … [Read more...]

Addressing a common atheist objection: “I didn’t get a good answer to my question about God, so He doesn’t exist”

It has been my persistent experience that the majority of the reasons Atheists give for why they believe God doesn't exist are actually irrelevant to whether he does. In other words, often, even if their complaint were true it says nothing about whether God exists. … [Read more...]

The standards of Atheism

Is it reasonable for Atheists to require a standard of evidence or proof from Theists for the existence of God (or veracity of Christianity) to reach the level of undeniability?  The more time I spend on the internet the more I find Atheists assign a threshold of evidence for God that they give … [Read more...]

Atheists and the dead man

I don't know how many people are familiar with the story of the man who thinks he's dead and cannot be convinced otherwise. Here's a short version of this:   A man is convinced he is dead. His wife and kids are exasperated. They keep telling him he's not dead. But he continues to insist he's … [Read more...]

Atheists flock to churches of Atheism because atheism is not a religion

Atheism is a belief, and it is a worldview, but I understand that it isn't a religion even if some Atheists hold to their atheism religiously.  Newly trending is the creation of churches of atheism -- pun intended. (FoxNews) --  It looked like a typical Sunday morning at any mega-church. Hundreds … [Read more...]

Lowercase ‘g’ exposes the emotional aversion to God

I have found that most vociferous and hostile Atheists will not use a capital 'G' when writing the word "God". I know, I know, it's not necessarily a name, per se.  However, when debating with Christians, it is for all intents and purposes, a name. I'm not convinced this is an attempt to be … [Read more...]

Why Christians accuse Atheists of not having read the Bible explained in one internet meme

Anyone who has read a Bible would know that it's not Satan who punishes evildoers (in Hell presumably).  The point isn't that the Bible is right or wrong about anything, only that it doesn't say what is being implied it says. I realize it is a popular cultural misconception that Satan is in charge … [Read more...]

There’s probably no God

  It's the 'probably' that's a problem.  Now, I'm not making any arguments here, but probably shouldn't offer the level of comfort many Atheists find in their belief that there's probably no God.  I'm just thinking of all the other probablys: The ice is probably safe to walk on. The gun is … [Read more...]

Atheists are still poor theologians This retweet really serves to show how little some Atheists (who claim the intellectual high ground no doubt) understand about Christian theology.  The doctrine of the Trinity posits that the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are all … [Read more...]

Does evolution explain biodiversity?

One mistake I think people make when discussing and debating whether evolutionary theory adequately explains the degree of biodiversity we see in the animal kingdom is they don't recognize everyone is using the same facts.  What I mean is we all see the fossil record, the geological record, the … [Read more...]

What ‘works’ is not morality

Discussing ethics and morality with Atheists can prove to be frustrating, for everyone involved.  Theists will argue that an atheistic worldview cannot properly ground morality given naturalism.  And from that Atheists often hear 'Atheists cannot behave morally unless they believe in God'.  But I … [Read more...]

An Atheist walks into a bar…

I met up with my father at a local bar last night.  He plays darts in a league and asked me to join him there.  One of the other players came over to my table to introduce himself and we got talking politics.  My father introduced the topic knowing my political bent and this guy's, and knowing my … [Read more...]

Yet another challenge for Atheists

I can't say I'm too optimistic with this challenge.  A good many Atheists will make the unsubstantiated claim that Christianity has the same (in quantity and quality) evidence -- or lack of evidence -- as any other religion.  I would like that claim substantiated here in the comments below. What … [Read more...]

More Atheist thinking fail That there may have been 18,000 invented gods, their being invented has no bearing on whether the 18,001st is also invented. Let's say I've been commissioned to pick up a friend of a friend, named Dana Smith from the airport whom I've never … [Read more...]

Atheist thinking fail

Let me begin by saying up front that I get the point: if you hold exclusive religious beliefs you, in essence, condemn those outside your group to hell.  But the atheist world view doesn't hold that non-Atheists receive any eternal punishment, so why not hold to atheism so you don't have to believe … [Read more...]

Freedom From Religion Foundation panics over Holocaust memorial

The religious bigots at the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) are hyperventilating over the possibility of the Star of David being displayed at a Holocaust memorial at the Ohio state capital.  Yes, at a Holocaust museum where 6 million Jews were murdered. (FFRF) -- The Freedom From Religion … [Read more...]

…not in the name of atheism

Religion is responsible for more deaths and wars in the world than any other cause, but not really.  Many Atheists will make this claim and add to it that countries which embrace atheism to greater degrees are more peaceful and bestow more rights upon their citizens than countries thick with … [Read more...]

What do Atheists really believe about Theists?

Specifically, what do you, who are Atheists, believe about why Theists are theists?  For example, I hear quite often and see just as often statements like "you only believe in God/your God because of your parents/upbringing/where you were born.  Break free!"  Sure I suppose some, maybe even many … [Read more...]

Memorial built to nothing

If you ask the Atheists you encounter, many of them will tell you their atheism is a non-belief; that it's not a view.  Well, the American Atheists have had a monument approved and erected at a courthouse in Florida. I hope those Atheists who claim atheism is not a view or belief set see the … [Read more...]

Atheists do believe God exists

Ordinarily I'd side with Atheists who would object to the Theist (Christians mostly) who would assert that the Atheist does in fact know God exists.  Not because I think the accusation is wrong, but because telling someone what they believe is generally not a good starting point.  Why would a … [Read more...]