Lowercase ‘g’ exposes the emotional aversion to God

I have found that most vociferous and hostile Atheists will not use a capital ‘G’ when writing the word “God”. I know, I know, it’s not necessarily a name, per se.  However, when debating with Christians, it is for all intents and purposes, a name.

I’m not convinced this is an attempt to be grammatically precise.  No, I believe it’s done in protest.  There is an emotional rejection to God that isn’t admitted.  It reveals a deep emotional aversion to God.  Much like the belligerent and disrespectful teenager who calls his parents by their first names rather than the appropriate mom and dad.

On a tangent, personally, I detest President Barack Obama.  I think he is a smug, arrogant amateur who is in way over his head.  He is little more than a social justice activist who was able to convince enough people that he is none of these.  However, I am always sure to properly capitalize his name, and title whether his title, President, grammatically warrants it.


  1. I make it a point to capitalize God, Jesus etc. If I am typing quickly it may get missed but never intentionally. It gains non believers nothing, but it is their right to do so. I notice that on here and other christian blogs they quite often purposefully use lower case letter when referring to Islam or Muhammed etc. or Obama, in spite of his idiocy.

    • Typos and rushing aside, I don’t see a reason to not capitalize it unless there’s some emotional issue at hand. I also find the Atheists who are reeaaally insistent that theirs is a purely intellectual rejection.

  2. I can’t stand not capitalizing terms that require it. It bugs me. I always do it.

  3. It is so interesting and frankly sad to discover professed Christians who’s feelings were hurt when President Bush selfishly warrented the mockey and distain of most of the educated world with his incessant freshman and idiotic diction together with his clearly very partisan, “go-it-alone cowboy” big business figure head governance literally took the budget surplus he undeniably inherited from President Clinton and proceeded to make many of his rich friends uber rich villanously at the expence of the average American, while ultimately ruining the American economy in the process decide now it’s my turn to attack the other party’s president. Who cares if the economy he inherited from President Bush was in free fall into a disaster, but through President Obama’s leadership the economy made a turn around and is improving by leaps and bounds over when he was handed the keys to the White House.

    It is so very apparent and clear where this hatred of President Obama is coming from, and for someone who likes for others to think of him as a Christian but who cannot stomach the thought of oraying earnestly for and in support of our President whom the bible says was placed in power according to God’s will is truly a sad shame.
    If you really believe the bible as you claim, then you would realize that political party bickering is a distraction by the dev

  4. Political party bickering is a distraction of the devil, just like race bickering. Take a good look in the mirror and remember that true Christians are spiritually Jewish, adopted into the lineage of tour Brother Jesus and our fathers Abraham, Issac and Israel (Jacob).

    For us Christians it is imperative that we remain focused and prayerfully resist the temptation to be seduced into political arguments. We must see the world only as the saved and the redeemed brothers, and the not yet but prayerfully soon to be saved.

    That is truly seeking fi

  5. seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

  6. paynehollow says:

    I would suggest that it’s like the way many Christians will refer to other believers whose Christianity they question as “christians…” It is a way of saying, “Just because you believe that your god is a special and unique “God,” and thus, treat it as a name as if it were a real person, does not mean that everyone accepts that belief…”

    It’s a way of saying, “I don’t believe it…” At least in some cases.

    Do you all think that those of you who do that for other Christians whom you don’t think are Christian are wrong for using “christian” with scare quotes to say “he ain’t really a Christian…” do you all think you are wrong for doing so? If not, then perhaps you could understand the reasoning, even if you disagree with that particular practice.

    Just a thought.


  7. John,


  8. Atheists refuse to use a capitol G when spelling God or a capitol H when writing about Him because to do so would imply that there is a power in the universe more powerful than the atheist which would immediately render the concept of atheism void

    • Well Doug, your hollow hyperbole is void of common sense and logic, and to think that you built your premise on that, huh. To think that a capitalized letter represents the power of the universe, what a howl.

  9. Yahan Sebo says:

    I don’t capitalize god’s name. he doesn’t deserve the effort.

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