The Complaint Department Is Closed #6

My name is William Occam and John has kindly allowed me to contribute an article to his blog in support of his ongoing battle against the website, “” Of course, my views are not necessarily John’s, and vice versa. We probably disagree about a great many things, since I am a … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #5

To be sure, every list of arguments for belief that God does not exist, contains a few biblical passages that appear to be distasteful, or just down right abhorrent, GII's list is no different.  Before getting into the substance of the proof, I would like to address a few presumptions and rhetorical … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #4

Proof number four is similar in substance to previous posts in so far as it makes certain assumptions, specifically the assumption that God interacting with the world would look like magic.  That God, if he were to do anything, that He would not use a natural phenomenon to accomplish the desired … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #3

After I had decided to take up the task of answering the objections of, I briefly paged through the proofs, and I had seen some which made me say to myself "Ican't wait to do this one...and this one".  Proof number three is one such of these proofs.  This is the argument that … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #2

The next installment of The Complaint Department is similar to the previous in dealing with the subject of prayer.  This proof deals with the answering, or rather, the not answering of prayers to God. Proof Number 2: Statistically Analyze Prayer The fact is, God never answers any prayers. The … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed #1

Continuing from the initial article, I will explore and analyze the list of arguments for believing God does not exist from the website which boasts 50+ such reasons. I have decided to count up from numbers one to fifty. The list as compiled on the website does not appear to list … [Read more...]

The Complaint Department Is Closed!

I thought I would veer off the beaten path a little and address some of the arguments some atheists make in defense of their atheism. Lately I have been reading some blogs posted by atheists to get a feel of where they are coming from. I have always done my best to do my research to ensure I focus … [Read more...]

Never Quite Enough

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, or so goes the claim. On its face, it appears quite reasonable. After all, if something truly outrageous happens we shouldn't believe without having good reason. But does requiring extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims suffice? Is it … [Read more...]

Borrowed Capital

Phil Zuckerman published on an article entitled Imagine No Religion: Can Society Be Successful Without It?; where he gleefully imagines a society whose citizens have little or no interest in religion.  It is "a place where almost no one ever goes to church, the majority of people … [Read more...]

Natural Blindness

Building on  previous article about the beliefs of atheists, I would like to discuss one of the more compelling reasons to reject its "lack of belief" in God.  I believe the naturalist (one who believes nature and the physical universe is all there is, devoid of anything immaterial or supernatural) … [Read more...]

Not At All Lacking

Lately I have spent a bit of time in discussion with some atheists.  When discussing the topic of atheism and its claim, I find some atheists to be disingenuous in their belief, well disingenuous in their discussing it.  Some atheists have fallen back on a rhetorical easy chair by maneuvering their … [Read more...]

Atheist discrimination…Where?

In an article from The Blaze, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is financing a billboard campaign promoting atheism.  “We hope discrimination against atheists and other nonbelievers will soon be ‘gone with the wind,’” said FFRF co-president Dan Barker, my question, where is this discrimination?  … [Read more...]

Do Differences Matter?

I came across this picture not long ago and I think this exemplifies the attitude most people hold about religion, even many believers of the particular religions.  I am surprised at how many Christians have abandoned the exclusivity claims traditional Christianity teaches.  Emphasis on a generality … [Read more...]


When it comes to what one believes is the truth about the world, it shapes how you view what is the truth through the filter of your worldview. Not all worldviews are equally true, so it is of the utmost importance to be as close as you can to what is really true. Religious and Political systems … [Read more...]